Masters In France

France follows the Bologna Process the same as other European countries. There are three levels of higher education in France, which are Bachelor’s, Masters and doctoral studies more commonly known as PhDs. Out of all three, the most number of international students aim for the masters in France. The institutions also have a higher number of masters programs in English in France.

If you have just completed your bachelor’s studies, or about to complete it, here we are talking about one of the most affordable yet prestigious masters education you can get, not only in Europe but across the globe. Study in France has many treasures waiting to be explored, and we are here to give you a sneak peek.

Due to the bologna process, the master in France is a degree that will be accepted worldwide, from both the institutions and employers. However, depending on the home countries, the studies of law, medicine and education may or may not be accepted in countries other than France.

Masters in France

There are three types of institutes in France to study a Masters degree.

1. Traditional Universities: These are more traditional universities in France. If you want to study Masters in France with fundamental streams and a more theoretical approach to education, then the traditional universities are for you.

2. Grande École: These are the kind of institutions which host the most number of international students as they are more specialised when it comes to different fields of studies ranging from science to management. The Grande Ecoles in France is some of the top-ranked institutions in France. They have specialised courses and highly facilitated research wings.

3. École Spéciale: As the name suggests, these are institutions for specialised studies, and they are more of an academy than educational institutions. They host the students mostly from arts and music, and here, individual portfolios matter more than academic achievements. For Admission cycles in all these institutes, check out: Intakes in France 

Types of Master’s Degree

  • Taught Master’s (MAs/ MSc’s/MBAs etc.)
  • Research Master’s (MRes/MA by research)

1. Taught Master’s Program in France:

  • Taught Master’s are masters programs in France that typically like undergraduate studies with lectures, seminars, exams etc. 
  • Credit systems work on a unified credit system for the entire European Union. Ideally, a French academic year carries about 60 credits. 
  • It must be remembered that most Master’s would be certified by EG (Ecole Grande), the chief certifying agency in France for maintaining quality. However, in case you do not find an EG certification, it can’t simply be ruled out that the course isn’t worth studying when you study abroad in France. It might also be that the course is relatively new and therefore, the university hasn’t begun the process of getting the course certified. 
  • In the light of several new courses coming up, Taught Master’s also have a full-time program and an Executive program. Executive masters programs in France have usually finished anytime between 12-18 months meaning they have 2-3 semesters with around 7 courses per semester

2. Research Master’s Program in France:

  • Research Master’s on the other hand, when you study in France, are ones that involve a research element, presenting a thesis on a topic, and in-depth analysis and study of a specialised area. 
  • There are many scenarios where a Taught Master’s might lead to a professional experience that would require research experience. Therefore, Research Master’s are typically preludes to PhD.
  • Under Study Abroad in France, The assessment cycle consists of two parts.

1. In the first part, there is a continuous assessment where students are required to submit assignments and paper presentations etc. 

2. In the second part, they are required to sit for final examinations that weigh heavily on their final grade. 

  • Upon successfully completing both of them, they are awarded the Master’s degree. But like already mentioned, after an agreement called Bologna Agreement, not all courses are full time now. There are also Executive Masters programs in France that last for a shorter period of time, and carry similar weight in the market. 
  • Another split in Research Masters in Specialised Master’s offered by EG, where a greater emphasis is placed on professional training and education, with an aim to provide a higher and better training in the said field.

Masters Degree in France Taught in English

Yes, you can find the English taught masters in France. It is one of the most significant reasons for international students to study Masters in France. Apart from the Master Degree in French Language, many Universities in France offer complete courses in the English language as well as some courses in the combination of English and French. Most of the Science and Management courses, which are internationally relevant, are available in English. You can opt for English masters in France in the following courses :

  • Masters in computer science in France in English
  • Master Degree in Earth, Planetary and Environmental Sciences
  • Masters in data science in France in English
  • International relations masters France in English
  • Master Degree in European and International project engineering
  • Masters in civil engineering in France in English
  • Masters in mechanical engineering in France in English

For more information, refers to campus France master taught in English

Top Colleges in France For Masters:

Here are some of the Top schools in France for masters studies that offer best French Masters Programs:

  1. Ecole Polytechnique
  2. HEC Paris
  3. Sciences Po
  4. ESSEC Business School
  5. ESCP Europe
  6. University of Montpellier
  7. University of Strasbourg
  8. Sorbonne University
  9. Aix-Marseille University
  10. University of Paris

Find out more on: Universities in France

Explore Top Universities in France and Make you Study Abroad Dream Come True

Masters in France for Indian students

There are a number of benefits of studying masters programs in France for Indian students. Here are the advantages :

  • Education in France is affordable compared to other European nations.
  • There are plenty of courses available at the masters level in France for Indian students.
  • France provides a high quality of education which is demanded all over the world.
  • For Indian students who don’t know the French language can also pursue masters courses in France in English.
  • The doors are opened for plenty of job opportunities after studying from France, not only in France but all over the world.

Best masters programs in France for international students

There are popular masters courses offered by the France universities such as Lyon masters, Grenoble masters, etc. The universities offering postgraduate education are counted among the best in Europe. You can even find different specialisations or subjects in a masters degree. It is for sure that if you plan any subject to study for masters level, you will find it in France.

Specialisations in Masters offered by France

You can find plenty of masters specialise in France. All the programs or courses for masters are excellent in France:

  • Masters in data analytics in France
  • Masters in psychology France
  • MSc in Energy Management
  • Master in public health in France
  • Master economics France
  • MSc in Marketing and Creativity
  • Master business analytics France
  • Master in education France

Study masters programs in Paris

Paris is one of the most global cities not only in france but in the world. Universities in Paris are considered to have an excellent masters programs across a wide range of subjects. For example, international business, economics and management, engineering science, physics, computer science, mechanics and environmental science, dentistry, fashion, art and humanities etc.

Masters in English in Paris

In Paris, you will find an wide range of degree types and there specialisations. There is an increasing number of a masters degree in Paris taught in English. However, their fees and entry requirements vary with the common requirements, but all of them would allow you to study in one of the most wonderful cities in the world without having to learn a new language.

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Universities in Paris for Masters

Many universities in Paris provide information about available placements and have internship contracts with reputed employers in Paris, coming from various sectors. So it will be good for you to join these universities and get the placements as soon as you complete your masters degree. Here are some paris universities:

  1. IPAG Business School
  2. EIT Digital Master School
  3. University of Kent, Paris 
  4. Sorbonne University
  5. The University of London Institute in Paris

France university for MS

The students who have completed their Graduation are eligible to apply for an MS in universities of France. There are plenty of courses in MS in France. Here are some of the courses:

  • MS in computer science in France
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence MSc in France 
  • Masters in digital marketing France
  • MS in data science
  • Electronics master of science in France

1 Year Masters in France

The most sought after courses is management in France. The universities offer a large number of courses to international students, be it MBA of other similar courses. Because short term courses are most convenient to the working professionals, or to the students who want to get a degree certificate and dive into the job market, these one year Masters in France are very popular. INSEAD, ISM, ESCP and ESSEC are some of the schools/universities offering one year masters in France for international students

  • Master of Finance in France
  • MBA in International Management
  • Masters in Luxury Brand Management in France
  •  Master in Advanced Global Studies 
  • Masters in International Business France

Free Masters in France

France is not particularly known for being inexpensive, However, when you move out of Paris and other metropolitan areas, it is quite affordable when compared to the other European countries, especially the UK. But, is it actually possible to study Masters in France for Free? The answer is no. For international students, there are fees (however minimal), and another day to day costs to attend.

Is it possible to study master degree in France for international students without any debt? Yes. There are a number of ways students can pay for the academic costs and living expenses while studying masters in France.

  • One of the ways is Work during the study. You are allowed to work part-time during your studies.
  • Secondly, you can achieve scholarships and rewards to study MS in France. Some of the scholarships are Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence, The Fulbright Scholarship, Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA), Emile Boutmy Scholarship, Grants from French embassies etc

Masters in France Cost:

Here are some of the average figures when it comes to postgraduate in france:

 Types of Institutions Average Masters in France Cost
 Grande Ecoles 500 to 600 Euros a Year, can go up to 10000 Euros depending on the Institute 
 Private Universities 1500 to 20000 Euros a Year
 Business Schools 5000 to 7000 Euros a Year

Universities in France Most affordable Institutes to study Masters in France:

 Universities in France Average Tuition Fees (EUR/Year) 
 University of Lyon 500
 Université du Maine 500
 University of Burgundy 500
 University Lille Sciences et Technologies 364
 Grenoble Institute of Engineering – University of Grenoble Alpes 261

For more information on Masters in France Costs, living expenses and other monetary information, check out our Fees and Affordability guide for France: Cost of Studying in France

Job Opportunities in France after Masters

Students are needed to have a legal residence permit in France to get employed after their Masters in France. There are campus placements offered by some of the universities and internships offered at the end of the programs. Students can also get themselves registered at the local job portals to get an employment. You can also check out: Most Popular Job Sectors in France

How to Apply for Masters in France:

How to get into a University in France for Masters degree? Here is how: The application process for masters in France does not change much from the bachelor’s process. There are basic requirements

  • Bachelor’s Diploma copy
  • Transcripts
  • A scan of your passport copies
  • CV
  • Testing Scores
  • Essays
  • Evidence of Scholarship and Funding if it is financed in part of full by any corporate or university
  • Letters of recommendation
  • SOP/qualifying exams.

Normal application deadlines are January 31. At this point, universities will accept projected scores as well. While universities in France for Masters accept English too as part of imparting education, they require a qualifying exam as well. So, while preparing, make sure your qualifying exam scores are adequate for IELTS and TOEFL. However, some universities in France for Masters still require language proficiency for Masters in French Language. So attempt DALF or DELF exams. Remember that French universities require you to have valid health insurance. So make appropriate arrangements.

To know step by step detailed process on how to apply for Masters in France, click: How to apply for masters in France and Study in France Requirements 

The Visa requirements also differ for different courses and universities. Here is all you need to know about Student visa in France if you are looking forward to apply for a Masters Program: Student Visa in France

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