Understanding the Drillogist Point System

We pay our top users daily and pay you every time someone clicks on your shared links.

Drillogist Point System (DPS) was introduced for us to reward our most loyal members. By awarding points when users perform certain activities, we can tell who our most loyal members are and qualify them for rewards.

How to Earn Points

To earn points on Drillogist, all you have to do is signup and carry out basic functions like reading articles, commenting, sharing, etc. Here are the various ways to earn points.

  • ? Reading Posts – You get 20 points for reading your first post and 5 points for every other post you read. This only affects the current day’s post.
  • ? Commenting on Posts – You get 10 points when you’re the first person to comment on a post.
  • ? Getting likes on your comments – You get 2 points for every “like” your comments get.
  • ? Getting replies to your comments – You get 5 points for every member that replies to your comment.
  • ? Sharing Posts – You get 50 points for every unique reader that clicks on your link.
  • ? Welcome Bonus – You get 150 points when you sign up.
  • ? Referral Bonus – You get 100 points when someone signs up after clicking on a link you shared.

Benefits of having points

Because this is a way for us to know and reward our most loyal members, we will frequently come up with different strategies to reward our members, and all of our strategies would be tied to the points you have.

The more points, the more opportunities you get to be rewarded. From running raffle draws, to rewarding random members, to sending surprise packages, we’re committed to giving back to our community.