Protect your peace: Taking care of your mental health in the midst of chaos

The world is currently in chaos.

2020 has been a rollercoaster – every month holds a new level of chaos in itself. If we had known the year would turn out like this, I’m sure we would have all stayed home sleeping on new years eve, but it is what it is. You are here, you are surviving, you are strong.

October has by far been one of the toughest months yet and things might seem a little hopeless. It is easy to get enveloped in fear and anxiety in these times and with everything happening around us, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the negative news flying back and forth.

One thing is sure; we need to keep it moving. Work can’t stop, you need to make money – business might not go on as usual but “we move!”. Certainly, problem issues need to be addressed, but if you totally abandon your regular responsibilities, you’ll create new problems and more chaos. So how can you ensure your mental health and willpower don’t get damaged by the negatives? Here are 5 ways to go about it –

  1. Limit Exposure to News – Yes, this sounds weird but you just have to. As much as you want to keep up with everything going and remain informed, you just can’t – you shouldn’t. There will always be negative news out there but you can’t keep pumping up your brain with such information especially when these things are beyond your control.

Too much bad news can cause untold levels of paranoia, anxiety and depression. This will in no way help you be productive at work – even if you’re working remotely. So stay informed, but as much as possible, limit your exposure. Stay away from fake news; avoid reading and spreading every Broadcast message you receive especially when it’s from unconfirmed sources. Don’t lose focus.

2. Maintain Your Routine – As difficult as it might sound, this is very important. Once you break away from the routine that made you sane, you might slowly spiral into mental depression and insanity. When things get hectic, people tend to abandon what they’re doing and focus on things that would only make them unproductive.

Communicate honestly with customers and superiors so you can manage their expectations. Better to tell the truth upfront so you can accomplish most of what’s needed than to let everything fall apart when no one expects it. But try as much as possible to maintain your routine. So if you’re working, keep working, if you’re job hunting, keep applying for those jobs because they won’t apply by themselves.

3. Avoid 5-minutes escape routes – When we are stressed, it’s easy to feel the need to find some sort of escape or a temporary “happy place” – it’s good to be happy but the 5-minutes escape routes are never the answer. Drinking alcohol, overeating, taking drugs or even oversleeping won’t make you feel any better because once you’re back to normal, reality will come crashing down.

Taking care of your mental health isn’t a short term activity, it’s long term. So if you’re feeling down, don’t turn to alcohol to save you, instead get productive! – if you apply for 10 jobs a day normally, apply for 20; if you’re trying to meet a target of 100 at work, double it. Productivity has a long term positive impact rather than the temporary escapes which could end up becoming quite damaging.

4. Keep your mind active – We know the popular saying – “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Well, it is true, unseen forces are always looking for idle and worrying minds to play drums with; don’t be a victim.

Find something interesting that works for you – whether it’s watching movies, researching, reading, writing, playing games, exercising, talking to friends (not gossiping lol) or even cooking; when you’re not working, just stay active. You should even enrol in our free online soft skill training program, why not upskill yourself and get ready for the future of work?

5. Reach out to loved ones and be there for them as well – This is another way to cater to your mental health during this period, especially if you’re job hunting or working remotely. Talking to family, friends or loved ones can act as a much-needed boost to your mood and general attitude to life. Also, be open to helping others, remember that this is a difficult time for everyone and sharing how you are feeling and the things you are doing to cope with family and friends can help them too.

Health is not only the state of your body, it is your overall wellness especially your mental state. Creating a healthy mindset is an investment in your overall well being. Try these activities in the image below and tick every box when it’s done!

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