6 Remote Jobs Available in Nigeria

remote jobs

Are you interested in remote jobs or are you open to working remotely; especially as such jobs are on a steady rise? Check out our list of top remote jobs you can find across Nigeria.

Software Development

Most software development jobs require an educational degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering but over the years, most hires for remote job development focus on skill. By skill, this refers to your ability to master your craft in one or more coding languages like Java, Java script, PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby, C# or C++ to name a few.

Community Management

Community managers are charged with the job of managing brands. Such brands could be individual brands or organisations that call for an online community. To be a great community manager who works remotely, you must have a good knowledge of all the major social media platforms. Also crucial is your ability to curate and create content that engages with the audience among other requirements. A marketing or communication degree with a size-able online following can be highly instrumental in helping you land a remote community manager job.

Content Writing

Content writers are specialist who craft website content pieces to improve the website’s SEO. As a remote job, content writing can be for both online and offline marketing pieces. Content writing requires you to have a vast knowledge of SEO, the language you are writing in, research skills and a university degree.

Graphics Design

Most graphic designers, even while employed, still land freelance opportunities as there is a high demand for very good graphic designers. To work remotely for most employers, you will need a good portfolio and for other organisations, a university degree would be an added advantage.

Copy-writing or copy editing skills are very crucial for excellent designers. This specific skill can be acquired online via several paid and free online courses. Many organisations recruiting remote graphic designers usually advertise the role as creative designer and will mostly be looking for additional skills like videography, video editing, photography and photo-editing skills

Virtual Assistants

The list of things that can be assigned to virtual assistants also known as VA can be quite vast and they range from data entry to research(offline and online), bookkeeping, managing email, flight and hotel bookings, social media management and much more.

The skills required for a VA would depend largely on the task or tasks the employer wants you to assign to you. A degree and good knowledge of what is required of you would make you an exceptional candidate.

Email Marketers

Crafting well-written documents, press releases, marketing pitches or sales pieces is not a skill that everyone has. Email marketers are charged with crafting such communication pieces for organisations and this role is one of the numerous jobs that can be done remotely. As an email marketer, you use email newsletters to help organisations to increase sales, market content pieces and products and also to communicate with its audience.

Skills required for this remote job include strong written communication skills, knowledge of email marketing platforms, and degrees in Public Relations, marketing, creative writing or English Language.

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