3 Things Recruiters Are Saying About Your Jobseeker Profile.

jobseeker profile

The importance of a complete jobseeker profile cannot be over emphasized. Did you know that recruiters can invite you for a job interview even when you have not applied for a job? Yes, this is very possible.

complete jobseeker profile offers you so much more. It allows recruiters to hire qualified talent with a more proactive approach to recruitment beyond advertising for jobs. We asked recruiters several ways job seekers can improve their profile to increase improve your chances of getting hired and they responded.

We have summed up the feedback from recruiters on Jobberman, especially what they honestly think about your profile. The feedback has been broken down into the points below.

You Don’t Have A Complete Profile

Recruiters agreed that not having a complete jobseeker profile would not showcase you or what you have to offer to them as an employee. A complete job seeker profile increases your chances of being found and getting invited for interviews by up to 20%.

A complete jobseeker profile presents your personal and professional brand in good light and this ensures you are regarded by prospective recruiters as a top profile. Jobberman also offers you several free perks for having a complete profile. You can update yours to 100% now. Start here.

You Don’t Detail Your Job Experience

Having a detailed job experience and achievements for each role ensures that recruiters get further insights into your role; both on your current job as well as past positions. Detailed job experience and achievements would help prospective recruiters learn about your abilities and your capacity to accomplish tasks that they about to make you an offer for. Don’t forget to include skills and accomplishments on the jobs

Final Thoughts on Jobseeker Profile

One resounding suggestion highlighted by many recruiters is that even when you are not looking for a job, you should ensure your jobseeker profile is updated. Add your recent job achievements to your profile because it ensures you would not forget them and who knows, a recruiter might have the job you have been looking for.

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