There’s no business I run, without my wife’s permission” Obi Cubana

Socialite and businessman, Obinna Iyiegbu better referred to as Obi Cubana has opened up about the impart of his wife, Ebinna Iyiegbu in his life.

Speaking during an interview with Goldmyne, Cubana began by disclosing how he met his wife in the course of running one his businesses. He then went on to speak about her impart in his whole life, saying that his wife is a strong force in his life and that before embarking on any business activities he gets his wife’s blessings. He further declared that she is his greatest cheerleader and she is more truthful than anyone else.

“She is my greatest cheerleader, she tells me the truth no-one wants to tell. she is very strong in my decision and in carrying out my day to day activities, there is no business I run without her impart. She is too spiritual, she is a very strong force in my life.”

Speaking about his marital and family life, Cubana decIared that he is enjoying his marriage and that is why he is shows off his wife. “I am enjoying my marriage. I show off my marriage to tell everyone that marriage is not a trap, I am a living witness, I am having a perfect marriage.

“I have never for one day regretted meeting her in my 14 years of marriage. I am enjoying my marriage with my wife”, he emphasized.

Ebina Iyiegbu had shared with fans her love story.

As part of their anniversary celebration, Ebinna Iyiegbu who is fondly known as Lush Eby had promised to feed fans’ curiosity about their love story.

“Lemme tell you a story! Story story…. Once upon a time… 14 years ago, A certain young man from Oba village came to my father’s house in Obosi with his friends and family to pluck a veeeeerrrrryyy beautiful flower… Did he succeed? Hmmmm…. Don’t be too quick to answer. Join me #underthemangotree June 13th so we can finish this story. To be continued next week… It’s our tradiversary. Love you dim oma! Obi m! Nwoke oma m!”

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