Nigerian Muslim claims he saw ‘Allah’ inscribed on piece of meat he bought at a restaurant

An Abuja-based Nigerian man, Wushishi Habibu, has claimed the word “Allah” was inscribed on the piece of meat he bought at a restaurant.

Habibu, who shared the rather bizarre incident on Facebook, said the event happened on Wednesday, July 20. 

According to him, he had ordered a plate of rice and beef from a restaurant in the Federal Capital Territory, and when he settled to devour the meal, he noticed Allah inscribed on the piece of meat.

He shared a snapshot of the said meat on his Facebook page and captioned it, 

“By Allah who created me, I just saw this while taking my lunch in the office now. I have never believed all the ones I have seen in the past but Allah has clearly shown it to me today. I bought the food from Abdullahi Aisha Restaurant and upon arriving office while trying to munch the meat I saw “ALLAH” written on it. Indeed Allah is great.”

See his post below,

A while ago, a Nigerian man took to Twitter to celebrate a newborn baby whose family members claim was saying “Allah instead of crying.”

The man identified as @am_saleeem on Twitter, disclosed that he spotted a video of the child on WhatsApp and was in awe of the incident. According to him, he couldn’t breath after seeing the video as he was in extreme shock.

In the video, the child could be heard cooing but it’s unclear if he was saying “Allah” like his family members claim.

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