Masters In Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most emerging studies abroad destinations among the European countries. Study in Netherlands offers a number of opportunities to international students with quality education and research facilities. There is a number of courses in the Netherlands for students from every field of Study. Here is all you need to know about the master’s in the Netherlands, the requirements, fees, and University for the same.

Masters in Netherlands

Higher Studies in Netherlands

The higher education system in the Netherlands is divided into two types: the Universities of Applied science and the traditional Universities. The Universities of applied science are more about science and Engineering and are research-oriented. Since 2002, the Higher Studies in the Netherlands are divided into three levels studies: Bachelor’s, Masters in Netherlands, and Ph.D. There is a number of courses, in the English language, for the masters in the Netherlands. Universities in Netherlands are some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and they have been constantly keeping up with the international standards of education. Here are the courses to choose from in the wide range, for Masters in the Netherlands.

Courses in Netherlands

As we have mentioned, there are a number of courses to pursue masters in the Netherlands. The Universities have been featured in the worldwide listings. They follow the “bologna process” and have the standardized three levels of higher education. Here are some courses to pursue Masters in Netherlands.

Find a Masters’s in the Netherlands

From agriculture to business management, and Environment to hospitality, there is a number of courses available in the Netherlands. Here are some of the best courses to study for master’s in Netherlands:

  1. MArch in Netherlands: Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, TU Delft
  2. Study Pg Medicine in Netherlands: Biosystem Engineering, Wageningen University, and Research Center
  3. MS in Mechanical Engineering in Netherlands: MSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Twente
  4. Computer Science Masters in Netherlands: MSc in Computer Science, University of Utrecht

List of Universities in Netherlands for Masters:

There are a number of Universities in Netherlands for the master’s programs, many of them (14 to be precise) are listed in World University Rankings. Here are some of the Top Universities in Netherlands for the Master’s, preferred most by International students.

Here are the Top Universities in Netherlands for MS, and other Master’s Programs:

  1. University of Amsterdam
  2. Erasmus University Rotterdam
  3. University of Twente
  4. Leiden University
  5. TU Delft

How to Apply For Masters in Netherlands

Applying to a University in Netherlands is not a complex process at all.  There are some general requirements of the Documents for the master. With the right documents, the application process is typically seamless.

Documents Required for Masters in Netherlands:

  • A Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Certificates, Diplomas, and Degree of Previous Education
  • Application Essay / SOP
  • Resume / CV
  • Proof of Monetary Funds

Other than that, there are entrance exams like GMAT and GRE, and proof of language proficiency.

The application deadlines for Netherlands fall in June-July for summer, and January-February for winter. Some Universities have specific deadlines, and some have no deadlines for Masters in Netherlands.

Masters in Netherlands Fees

The Average fees for tuition fees are different for EU and Non-EU students. Students who are not from European Union have to pay higher fees than the students from the European Union, however, they are quite affordable compared to the other English-speaking countries like USA and Canada, and other European countries like the UK. Here are the average tuition fees for Masters in Netherlands:

Masters in Netherlands7000 to 20000 Euros for 1-2 Years
MBA courses40000 to 50000 Euros

Know more: Cost of Study in Netherlands

Post Study Work Visa Netherlands

Netherlands Student Visa Validity

The Student visa in Netherlands is for the duration of the study Program only. Once the study program is over, the extension of a year is granted by the Netherlands immigration. The extension is called the “orientation year”, and students can actively look for the work related to their studies after their Masters’s in Netherlands.

Stay Back Period in Netherlands After Masters

As we have mentioned before, the stay-back period in Netherlands after a master’s is for one year of extension after the study program. Students have to apply for an extension to stay back in the Netherlands before their resident permit expires. Once the candidate has secured the job, the extension should be converted into a work permit.

Jobs after Masters in Netherlands

As we mentioned, the visa needs to change once a candidate secures a job. One needs to earn a minimum amount through their work to continue job after Masters’s in the Netherlands as a skilled immigrant. The minimum amount of pay for the job for the candidates below 30 years should be €3,108, and for the candidate above 30 years of age should be €4,240 per month. For someone who is into orientation year, the amount is €2228 per month.

Master in Netherlands Scholarship

Netherlands always has been a popular study abroad destination for students all over the world. One of the reasons for that would be the grants and scholarships available to study in Netherlands for international students. There are also fully paid scholarships that effectively let students Study in Netherlands for Free. There are other scholarships for Masters in Netherlands, too, and along with students’ loans, they are a great way to fund the expenses while studying abroad.

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