6 Ways You Can Improve Your Workplace Relationships

Human beings are by nature social creatures – we thrive in a positive environment and crave for positive interactions at home and away. So it, therefore, follows that the better the workplace relationships we have, the more productive and happier we are likely to be. However, it becomes all too easy to find ourselves in a rut at the workplace, finding no joy when with colleagues or with the job. This could be caused by our own actions or how we react to the actions of others.

In this article, we look at 6 proven ways you can become the best person you want to be at work.

1. Improve Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

A major cause of workplace misunderstandings is assuming things. Be very explicit in what you are saying or asking. Communication that is clear and unambiguous helps in building trust among your colleagues as they know what to expect from you and vice versa. Always have an open and inquisitive mind when communicating with fellow workers or your seniors. Don’t try to guess what your boss meant; instead, seek clarification whenever in doubt. Also, know what is being communicated nonverbally as that can clarify a lot of things.

If you feel your communication skills need a boost, seek help. Always remember that all good relationships; whether at home or at the office depend on honest, open communication.

2. Help Others

Every worker has his or her own skills, talents, and unique experiences. Wherever you are in a position, help your workmates to become the best they could ever be. Help fellow workers to harness and tap into their unique gifts. When every employee is growing and happy with their contribution, the whole organization stands to benefit.

3. Develop Mutual Respect

Your job can become less stressful and more rewarding with better workplace relationships with your colleagues.  It’s important to give others their space both in expressing their feelings and thoughts. When you respect your workmates, you place more value on their ideas and input. In turn, they also value yours. People will trust and respect you more when you give genuine support and positive feedback. When you work together on the basis of mutual respect, it becomes easier to develop better work-related solutions jointly.

4. Honour Your Commitments

Everything done by each employee in an organization is interconnected. Whenever one fails to keep their side of the bargain in terms of commitments or deadlines, the entire organization gets affected negatively. Therefore, always endeavour to keep your commitments, and when unable to meet a deadline, always let your bosses or colleagues know in advance. This builds trust and enhances smooth working.

5. Be Proactive

Relationships can be improved greatly if you are willing to take the initiative. Many a time, relations take a turn for the better when we are willing to go out of our way to improve an environment. Politely asking questions is an excellent way of listening and letting your workmates share what could be bothering them. The proactive approach makes colleagues feel closer to you and appreciated.  If, for example, you are the guilty party, try meeting the affected individual for a private conversation and apologize. Saying you are sorry is a sign of strength. Have you tried a smile? Smiles are truly contagious and contribute to a less stressful environment.

6. Rest and Recharge

In the modern work environment where too much focus is being put on output quantity, it’s very important to ensure that you don’t get bottled up because of work pressure. When you are under stress because of long working hours or tight deadlines, it’s very easy to snap at people or lose your cool easily. One great way of improving your workplace relationships is by ensuring that you take breaks and even get to know your colleagues at a personal level over a cup of tea or during the lunch break. Corporate events are great places to not only interact with colleagues informally but to build better relationships.

Final Thoughts on Workplace Relationships

We all want a working environment that is positive, one that gives us job satisfaction. Good workplace relationships are only possible if you work on them. Such relationships are not only healthy but necessary if you hope to grow your career. However, being the best person to work with also calls for concerted effort on your part.

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