Job Redundancy: Key Secrets For Surviving It

Job redundancy is a terrifying experience; whether in the face of right-sizing or downsizing. When your employers choose to cut-down on the workforce based on economic factors and challenges and you are directly affected, it can bruise your ego, confidence and career Before we proceed, let’s take a quick look at what job redundancy is and what it is not.

What is Job Redundancy: Job redundancy or redundancy is a situation where a company cuts down its workforce because the jobs attached to such employees are considered surplus to requirement.

What Job Redundancy is Not: Job redundancy does not cover cases where an employee is sacked and gets replaced by someone else to do the same job. Now, let’s proceed to look at the role technology plays in this as well as other interesting details.

We live in an age where technological advancements offer employers more ways and opportunities to deliver organisational goals at a more cost/service efficient pace. Below are tested and trusted ways to keep your head up while going through the murky waters of job redundancy.

Self Awareness

Going through job redundancy when it hits you really hard is a good time to become more self-aware. It is a perfect time to highlight your wins and your errors through introspection. Ask yourself life-changing questions. Becoming self-aware will help you go through the pain. It’s okay to weep but this phase is designed to help you focus your energy on the most important question anyone who wants to survive this period would ask – “What’s next for me?”

Check For Legality

Being shown the door is a good time to check what the law and your contract says about job-redundancy when and if such situation does arise. Understanding what the law says about job redundancy would help you decided if you want to seek legal help or not in order to get a fair treatment as you make your exit out of the organisation.

Your Mental Health

Carrying out a self-awareness exercise is great but you also need to assess your mental health whilst seeking to survive the depression that may come with job redundancy. You need to understand that being kicked out because of job redundancy is not the end of your career or you. You should never throw in the towel at this point. Don’t give up. Check yourself and get ready to re-strategize to carve a new path forward. You can deal with the aftermath by channelling the anxiety and anger into something productive. If it keeps being overwhelming, speak to a mental health professional, mentor or someone who has survived a similar journey.

Cut Your Expenses

Facing job redundancy would mean that for the time being, until you get a new consistent stream of income to check your expenses and basically cut your coat according to your cloth, you need to be prudent with your spending culture and your lifestyle. If you are an unrepentant spendthrift, surviving this trying period would be even more difficult.

Define What You Want

Facing job redundancy is time to decide what you want next as well as the strategy that would help you achieve it. For many, after job redundancy comes the decision to become entrepreneurs. Others simply change careers or find a new job. Whatever it may be for you, the path to attain it would be clear-cut different. The most important thing is that you get started as soon as possible but not without the required skills. You should also carry out a career audit before taking the dive.

A business would require an adequate business plan and research. A new career would require some level of training, skills upgrade, finding a job or simply putting yourself out there with a better profile. Define it and get started immediately.

Your Relationships

Reach out to a mentor, an accountability partner or your network. Share your current predicament but reach out to them with a clear picture of an option you are considering for your next line of action. This is important because someone you reached out to have the answers and experience you need to help you reach your next level. Meaningful relationships are important in your career and business. Make sure you invest in them today if you aren’t already doing this.

Final Thoughts on Job Redundancy

No doubt surviving job redundancy is not a mean feat but it is achievable. If you are going through it, several situation and experiences have clearly shown that you can always conquer it and go on to do better. Give it time and commit to your process.

Many have expressed their fears of job redundancy and how it could throw their careers into chaos but now that you know what it is about, which of the highlighted tips do you consider most helpful to you?

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