Italian PM Mario Draghi offers his resignation after coalition falls apart

Italian Prime Minister,  Mario Draghi has offered his resignation after his populist coalition partner, Five Star, withdrew its support in a major confidence vote amid political crisis.

The former head of the European Central Bank has led a unity government since February 2021.

On Thursday night, July 14,  Mr. Draghi said in a statement that he would resign after a key party in his coalition pulled its support for his government following issues among the groups on whether to send arms to Ukraine and how much financial support to give to Italian families reeling from high inflation.

“I would like to inform you that tonight I will submit my resignation to the president of the republic,” Draghi told Cabinet members at a special meeting after the parliamentary vote.

“The pact of trust underlying the government has failed, he said.

“In recent days there has been the utmost commitment on my part to continue on the common path, also trying to meet the needs that have been advanced to me by the political forces,” he said.

“As is evident from today’s debate and vote in parliament, this effort was not enough. From my inauguration speech I have always said that this executive would only go forward if there was a clear prospect of being able to carry out the government programme on which the political forces had voted their confidence. This compactness was fundamental to face the challenges of these months. These conditions no longer exist.”

After he offered to resign, Italian President Sergio Mattarella announced that he would not accept the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghia.

A statement from Mattarella’s office read that the president, “did not accept the resignation, and invited the prime minister to appear before parliament to make a statement.”  

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