Is Corporate Loyalty Dead? 4 reasons employees call it quits

There is currently a mismatch between what employees want and what employers can provide. This has caused millions of workers worldwide to resign from their jobs, demanding better pay, remote work options, good working conditions and work-life balance.

This trend is called “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit”, giving employees the upper hand and employers facing a massive talent crunch. So we can’t help but ask, how can employers find and retain top talent in the age of this worldwide trend?

Jobberman Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa’s top recruitment portal, has recently shared its findings from conversations they’ve had with thousands of employees across the country over the last several months. The results have been compiled in a power-packed report tagged ‘THE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION REPORT’. It covers expectations and workplace satisfaction data of over 2,700 employees from various industries and job categories.

This article discusses five reasons why employees are quitting their jobs and how to boost retention –

Lack of flexibility – The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed workers to rethink their careers, work conditions, and long-term goals. As many workplaces attempted to bring their employees in person, workers desired to work from home during and after the pandemic. With telecommuting also came schedule flexibility, which was the primary reason to look for a new job. Additionally, many workers, particularly in younger cohorts, are seeking to gain a better work-life balance. 

Insufficient benefits – More and more workers are realising the value of their time and efforts. They do not only recognise but are demanding good benefits and remuneration. An excellent job experience isn’t just about salary but the total package, including paid leave, health care, bonuses, rewards, and so much more. When these factors don’t meet the standard, employees tend to feel unappreciated and undervalued.

Toxic work-culture- It should come as no surprise that unhappy employees are more likely to quit than happy ones, and research shows that this is indeed the case. The younger generation is beginning to value peace of mind over money, so consider this when structuring your working environment. 

Lack of career growth and development – The lack of career growth and development can be considered a key reason why employees exit their previous companies. Nobody likes feeling stuck and stagnant, so for them to get new opportunities, they will look for them somewhere else if your company doesn’t provide it.

Job satisfaction Quota as contained in the Jobberman Employee Satisfaction Report 2021


Top External Traits that matter most in the company as contained in the Jobberman Employee Satisfaction Report 2021

The forces at play in the labour market don’t necessarily apply to every industry, so workers should do their own research about their field before leaving a job. Companies also need to get on the same page with employees by reconceptualizing what it means to be part of their organization.

Watch as some HR experts share their views on this topic and suggest ways companies can improve employee retention based on our new Employee Satisfaction survey report

Featuring – Aramide, Recruitment Lead at Flutterwave; Temi Richard Banji, Head of Talent acquisition at Mastercard Foundation; Sheila Ojei, Communications Manager, Jobberman Nigeria (Host); Idris Abdulgafar, Head of Human Resources, Jobberman Nigeria.

The Jobberman Employee Satisfaction Report unpacks employee satisfaction among Nigerian employees. It can be used as a guideline to prioritise employee satisfaction in the workplace and improve productivity and overall long-term organisational success.

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