How to Ace Your IT Job Interview.

The information technology (IT) sector is Nigeria is witnessing a great boom and continued growth. Being a skilled tech guru is also as important as being knowledgeable about the things and tips that will help you ace your IT interview and land your desired job.

An IT job interview, like any other job interview, is about selling yourself, your skills and ability to be the right fit candidate for the job and organisation. Here are a few ways to ace your next IT job interviews.

Know Your Geek Side

You have made it past the job application stage to getting invited for the interview phase. It is very important to know your geek side but you should be able to keep things simple. Communicate with the required knowledge of IT jargons or technical terms but also simplify them in layman terms; especially when your interviewer or someone on the interview panel is not the most IT savvy fellow.

Don’t Lie

Be confident with your presentation and your ability to answer questions at an IT job interview. Avoid telling lies because in most cases, you’ll be given a practical task to test your skills.

Honesty is a virtue. Stick to being honest and ask questions when you are not clear about what is being asked. Don’t lie about your knowledge.

Dress The Part

Interviews are an official event. Dress the part always in your IT interviews; even when the organisation’s structure encourages a more flexible formal code. You stand a better chance of going formal than getting it wrong with your appearance. Be properly groomed and look the part.

Take Your Tools

This might not be applicable to every IT job role but it’s advisable to take your tools to your IT job interview. For instance, in cases where your preference is with using a MAC personal computer to code instead of a Windows or vice versa, you should attend the interview with a laptop you can work with. This will ensure you optimize your performance during tests.

Final thoughts on IT Job Interview

Interviews are sometimes nerve wrecking but they don’t have to be. Like the age-old saying goes, practice makes perfect and it is important to be ready before time and come prepared to ace your IT job interview. Keep a professional outlook and we hope to learn you aced your IT job interview.

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