Hiring The Right Talent: Five Essential Tips For SMEs

Growing businesses usually run on limited resources, which is why they might not have the luxury of expelling too many resources in hiring the right people to help grow their business. This could lead to the company putting in a lot of effort to get the right person but due to the lack of access to quality candidates, the hiring decision might not be so great.

For a small business, every hire matters, every employee needs to put in the work to ensure the company succeeds. So how does a business know that they’re getting the best potential candidate for the job? Here are five essential tips to ensure you’re hiring the right way –

Highlight your brand personality – As a hiring manager, you might want to paint the best possible picture of the business, highlighting benefits, perks, and positive characteristics of the company culture. One way to do this is by crafting a job description that showcases what’s unique and especially exciting about your company. Even though you might be pressed for time to get offer letters signed quickly and crush your goals, do take time to truly ponder the type of workplace you want to manage and the values most important to you. Prioritize those qualities in the people you hire.

Clearly spell out the challenges of the role – It is important that you are transparent about the roles challenges and hurdles the potential candidate might face. Whether it’s taking up extra work for the time being or needing the employee to work a little overtime, it is important you’re upfront about it. This saves you the time and stress of losing an employee barely 6 months into the job because they are dealing with a totally different challenge than what was spelt out to them in the first place. 

The best employees are the ones who are willing to be adaptable, flexible and dedicate their time to growing your business and looking for effective solutions to your problems.

Hire the Jobberman Way! – It is imperative for small businesses to keep talent high but costs low. The only way this can be achieved is by partnering with an industry expert recruitment agency like Jobberman, to take the stress of recruitment off you for as little as N11,500 and still provide you with top talent that will have your business competing with larger markets. The Jobberman way of hiring is –

  • Reliable – We give you access to a good volume of quality candidates that apply to your roles.
  • Efficient – Our platform allows you to easily sort and shortlist qualified candidates.
  • Affordable – We have a variety of well-priced solutions for every budget.
  • Easy to Use – Our platform and processes are intuitive and convenient.

Some key features from our product suite:

  • An All-in-One applicant management system that helps you sort through high-quality candidates.
  • The ability to test and rank the best-suited candidates, using our skills assessments.
  • The choice to do it yourself or have it done for you.
  • The ability to boost your job, for an even wider reach.
  • Unlimited applications and lifetime access to candidates you have shortlisted.

Let’s help your business hire the right people, the Jobberman way!

Consider a group interview when building your team from scratch – If you’re building a new team from scratch you may consider bringing in those who’ll need to frequently collaborate for a group interview, gauging how well they work together and relate to each other. Each candidate should go through the same process from screening to onboarding. This process might be slightly different for each role, but should remain consistent for each position. Requiring one candidate to participate in an extensive screening process while another is hired after a phone interview can lead to chaos and dissatisfaction.

Hire Based On Future Potential – It’s a norm to hire based on past experience. But as a growing business, it’s an excellent practice to also hire based on future potential. This means that you need the right tools to evaluate people’s capabilities for future work in new areas and new fields rather than just look at what they have done. This allows us to find people who will grow with your company while remaining happy in their role because they are learning new skills, taking on new challenges and growing with you. Although this might not apply to every role, it is important to differentiate roles and clearly outline the job description, then you can measure the years of experience required for the role.

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