Germany-based Nigerian man left with a broken jaw and two broken teeth after being assaulted at a club for calling out a racist

A Nigerian man residing in Germany has cried for justice after allegedly being assaulted at a club for speaking up against a racist act.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the man who goes by the name Nino Cro, said he and his friends visited a club known as Rudas Studious Club last Saturday, July 16. He said despite making reservations, they were turned back by the bouncers because of their ‘skin color.’ He said the bouncers got physical with his friends when they objected and it was in the process that he was also assaulted and left with injuries.

Read his post below…

”My friends and I (three male People of Color) stood in front of the Rudas Studios Club in Düsseldorf last Saturday, July 16th, 2022 at around 1:00 a.m.

One of my friends reserved a VIP table in advance with confirmation from the boss. Nevertheless, we were turned away by security at the entrance and told us “This is not a black club.” (btw. Afrobeats was playing that evening)

When we tried to explain verbally why we weren’t being let in just because of the color of our skin. The bouncers got violent with my two friends.

When I wanted to intervene, I was beaten up and hospitalized by a total of five bouncers. Today I am in the hospital with a double broken jaw, two broken teeth and more bruises all over my body. Also mine Friends carry injuries with them. We demand that this club bear the consequences. Please share my story!”

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