Aceplora moves to equip young adults with tech skills

Edutech company in Nigeria, Aceplora, has reiterated its commitment in providing trainings to equip and prepare kids, young adults across the country, from opportunities in the global tech space.

This according to the company serves as part of efforts to boost information technology knowledge in the nation’s ICT ecosystem.

In a statement by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Maureen Ani, She affirmed that Aceplora will be providing training in high demand tech skills like Coding, Robotics, 3D Printing and Modelling, AI, game development, UI/UX design and several other skills.

She explained that their primary aim is to ensure that learning coding and other tech skills become as simple as learning to read and write.

“Acquiring tech skills as well as writing computer programs and codes are popularly known to be difficult, especially in this hemisphere of the globe.

“Aceplora’s curriculum and teaching methods have been skilfully developed by professionals in our partner institutions in the US and UK, with the objective of making coding as easy and fun as reading and writing.

“Aceplora employs a simple and personalised approach to learning, leveraging quality lesson plans from the best tutors to amplify each student’s learning ability.”

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