8 Countries Nigerian Citizens Study For Free.

There are many countries in the world where Nigerian citizens can study for free or for a very low fee. If you think that’s impossible, then allow me to prove you wrong.

Below, are a selection of Nine Countries that offer free tuition or at an affordable cost.


The number of students interested in studying in Germany just seems to keep on growing. This is largely due to the fact that most public universities in the Country allow international students (regardless of nationality) the opportunity to study for free.

Programs available in German universities consist of major engineering courses to courses in humanities.

Nigerian students who decides to study in Germany, at undergraduate level, would be asked to pay a small nominal university fee of around US $ 160-265 to cover administration cost.


France is less known for affordable higher education, but Nigerian students may be surprised to hear that they can also study in France for free or at a very low cost.

Some public universities in France may charge undergraduate students a nominal fee amounting to US $ 195 per year to cover administration cost for all courses.

But, for specialized programs such as medicine and engineering, Nigerian will be asked to pay additional charges which are considerably affordable.

Also, students who wish to study in France for free should be aware that majority of courses in public universities are taught in french language.

However, you will be allowed to take french beginner courses before you begin your degree programs.


In Norway, Universities and colleges do not charge �tuition fees. However, majority of undergraduate programs are taught only in Norwegian, and Nigerian students will have to demonstrate proof of proficiency in the native languages in order to study at this level.

At master’s and PhD level, English language programs are more common and free tuition still applies.

Note that some universities may charge tuition fees for a few specialized programs which are mostly at the masters level.


Iceland’s Four public universities allows Nigerians and international students to study for free, with only a registration fee of around US $ 425.

However, Nigerian citizens admitted into universities in Iceland are expected to cover expenses like accommodation, feeding and other living costs.


Another Country where Nigerian citizens can study for free is Austria. If you are a citizen of a least developed Countries, you will be exempted from paying tuition fees at public universities and only need to pay the student union membership fee and insurance.


In Italy, private universities are known to charge fairly high tuition fees, but public universities are alot cheaper. Nigerian and international students may be charge between US $900-1,060 per year for undergraduate programs.


There are around 150 programs that are taught in English available in Slovenia public universities. Nigerians and International students will be asked to pay a small amount when they enroll for these programs.


Around 95 undergraduate and graduate programs are available in English and public universities charge very low fees. Brazillian universities are ranked among the best universities in the world.

In order to secure admission, students will be asked to take a test.

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