3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Relocating for Work.

Moving for a new job can be a scary prospect. But a recent survey shows that workers who take the plunge and change zip codes for a better position don’t really regret the decision.

In fact, there are a bevy of benefits to relocating for work—and at least three reasons you should consider making a move. According to The People Perspective on Relocation, the survey conducted by IMPACT Group, 3,078 employees report these relocation rewards:

New experiences. A whopping 71 percent of survey respondents said that moving to take a new job allowed them to enjoy new experiences, whether at work or outside the office.

Better career prospects. By relocating for a prime position, 55 percent of employees say they feel their career is on a better track, both today, in their current job, and in the future.

Better community. If you don’t love your community in the office or in your neighborhood, chances are you’ll find better ones when you move: 40 percent of respondents say they did.

And yet, we hear you: even these obvious benefits don’t make picking up and leaving your current ‘hood any easier. But with these tips, you might just find the chutzpah to pack up for a better position—and consequently, perhaps even a better life outside of the office, too.

1. Embrace change, and grieve the loss of your former home.

Maybe you’ve never moved for a job. Maybe you’ve never moved, period. No matter what, change is tough, and leaving a home can be sad. But Cynthia Bucy, career and transition coach at IMPACT Group, says allowing yourself to grieve will make the move much easier.

As she sympathizes, “You’re stepping away from what is familiar—perhaps a city you loved and a house you built. There will be challenges.” But, Bucy adds, it is recognizing challenges that will help you overcome them. You can face these challenges full-force by being open and honest about your feelings related to the move—the good and the bad—Bucy insists.

2. Make new friends.

New experiences will make relocating for work worth it—and we all like to experience new things with people we care about. So, when you move, try to “find ways to get to know your neighbors on a personal level,” Bucy recommends, adding you can get to know new people at work or in your apartment complex by asking simple questions, such as what dry cleaner to use. Once the conversation is started, “you’ll develop a meaningful relationship if you are intentional about going deeper than surface level” with additional questions, Bucy says.

What’s more, you might want to try to invite coworkers, neighbors, and new friends over to your home. Hosting a BYOB-style dinner can be a low-pressure way to get to know people.

3. Enjoy a new beginning.

Whenever you feel alone or sad, remember that relocating for a job represents a new start, something fresh to be celebrated, Bucy instructs. “Many of the individuals I coach treat the relocation as a new beginning,” Bucy says. “They take the opportunity to do things they’ve always wanted to do but never made time for,” such as trying new foods or making friends.

As Bucy points out, when you try to view the experience of moving for work as a bold new adventure, you’ll feel excited for what lies ahead and willing to push through any negatives.

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