Yemi Alade laments the poor condition of the country despite the global success of Afrobeats

Nigerian international singer Yemi Alade has lamented the poor condition of Nigeria despite the breaking of Afrobeats in world music.

Yemi Alade testified that Afrobeats is steadily breaking barriers worldwide, and Nigerian ambassadors have continued to release melodious sounds.

The singer further revealed that her heart is with Nigeria, which is in the worst condition the country has ever experienced.

She tweeted: Afrobeats is breaking barriers and making waves globally as our Nigerian ambassadors continue to bless us with melodies but my heart is with Nigeria! SHE IS IN THE WORST CONDITION SHE HAS EVER BEEN

Nigerians who reacted to Yemi Alade’s statement reasoned with her point of view, stating instances where the country’s situation has worsened.

Kiitfoundation: The reality of the current condition of the country is deplorable however, we implore donations and volunteer works to assist in catering for the less privileged and needy.

messienette: Good girl. Now this is what I want to read. The truth

Jahdoris: Now, you don’t need to be at fault for lastma to stop you. They just stop you, ask you to report to their Oga sitting somewhere. Oga will ask for your car key if you refuse, they will call towing van immediately. If you give them, they demand 160k for doing nothing. Absolutely Nothing!!! Harassing people with area boys. Lastma at lawanson to be precise.

Kemi Filani recalls that the award-winning Yemi Alade expressed excitement when she finally performed live without make-up for the first time in her career.

Yemi Alade, who shared the beautiful moment in her story, notified her fans that although it was never her plan to perform without make-up. Still, she has never felt so uninhibited and musically unhinged.

“For the first time in my entire career, I went on stage with No makeup, Costume Attire, no pre-stage photo-up! It wasn’t any plan in the beginning, but I have never felt so Uninhibited, musically unhinged!! A freaking Rockstar! Thank you, Brussels! I’m thirsty for more”.

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