Why Study Gastronomy Abroad?

If your passion for food goes well beyond just the desire to become a master chef, then consider pursuing a gastronomy degree! Like many prospective students, perhaps you did not realize that there are gastronomy degree programs available around the world, which offer students the exciting opportunity to learn about the relationship between culture and the foods we prepare and eat.
When you stop and think about it, food plays a huge role in both your everyday life and in the world at large. Gastronomy studies take an all-inclusive approach to dissect and analyze the way in which food affects the society and culture who consume it, also taking into consideration food’s relationship with politics, the environment, art, and economics at large.
Sound like something you want to find out more about? Consider pursuing a gastronomy degree where you will discover new and intriguing subjects such as food politics, anthropology of food, food ethics, and food in film and literature, to name a few. We have outlined three reasons why studying gastronomy abroad is worthwhile.
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Still Become the Next Master Chef

Although the preparation of food is not the core element of a gastronomy degree, it’s still an important component. You will establish a foundation of food preparation knowledge that goes well beyond just the basics. Next time you host a dinner, you will easily impress your guests with your newly acquired skills.
One of the big differences between a typical culinary degree and a gastronomy degree is that the latter emphasizes not just food preparation but also the ingredients, how they are grown or processed, and the social significance they have for the region from which they originate.
With gastronomy studies you will impress even the most sophisticated palate, as well as impress your guests with your in-depth knowledge of your creations.
Take the Chance to Study Gastronomy Abroad
One of the best opportunities afforded by a gastronomy degree is the chance to study abroad! Think about the wide range of different foods from around the world offered by restaurants and food trucks in any given city and how long it takes you and your friends to decide what to eat.
Whether it’s Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or Thai food, each draws you in for very different reasons. Now think about how amazing it would be to travel to your favorite food’s country of origin and experience it authentically! You can realize your dream by pursuing a gastronomy degree abroad!
For example, maybe you love the art of Spanish tapas! You won’t be disappointed by studying a gastronomy degree in Spain to gain an in-depth understanding of Spanish food, currently a top international cuisine. You can even study at one of the best gastronomy schools in Spain, the Gasma Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus, where you will be offered world-class training in Spanish gastronomy.

Work for the Best

Gastronomy programs abroad can open up career opportunities you may never have considered. Since gastronomy degrees are dynamic, the restaurant industry is not your only option.
A gastronomy degree prepares students to think both critically and imaginatively by exposing them to a multitude of disciplines within the food industry. With both the culinary skills and the practical management skills, students who graduate are ready to take on a professional career at home or abroad.
To give you an idea, gastronomy degree graduates often find jobs as restaurant managers, cooking educators, specialty food shopkeepers, or executive chefs. From a business and marketing perspective, many students also go on to be food marketing coordinators, social media managers, and directors of operations for big food production companies. In other words, you can take your degree wherever your interests lie!
By now you are probably confident that it’s worth taking a closer look at what a gastronomy degree has to offer in terms of personal and professional experience. You will be glad you did when you’re having the adventure of a lifetime experiencing food and culture abroad!

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