What should you know before relocating for a job?

Relocating to a new city can be an important step in the career ladder and a career-enhancing move. However, one should consider, not only the advantages but also the disadvantages before moving cities for job reasons.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be in the same city as your dream job. Many travel long journeys every day between cities, pursuing their professions. In some cases, this may not be possible due to distances between the cities. Under such circumstances, a relocation for job reasons may be in order. But, the decision to relocate to a different city should not be hastily made. Though the job may offer better prospects in terms of increased responsibilities or higher salaries, the disadvantages should also be considered. A relocation can simultaneously demand profound changes in personal and financial matters

Advantages of relocation

The benefits of relocating for a new job can save travel time and the associated expenses. In most cases, one could live in the immediate vicinity of the new workplace. This means less travel time and more quality time that can be spent for leisure and family. Additional benefits being close to the new workplace include flexibility – the employee be quickly contacted in cases of job-related emergencies, which makes the employee more attractive from the eyes of his / her employer.

Disadvantages of relocation

The disadvantages of changing residences relate, in particular, to the social environment and the cost:

  • The social environment you were familiar may need to be forged again
  • The personal contact with friends and family can become weaker. Although it is relatively easy to stay in touch with your contacts through social media, personal contact can not be maintained to the usual extent
  • Your apartment or house may need to be abandoned
  • Rental or purchase costs may also increase

Specifically, when one relocates to a highly popular city, one has to reckon with price increases or housing shortages. The relocation costs could also run into a few thousand euros. Here, one should not only factor the direct cost of relocation, but also incidental expenses on renovations, any new purchases, furniture, etc.

Cost of maintaining two households

In some cases, people decide to maintain two households, especially during the probationary period (usually 6 months). These employees are reluctant to abandon the previous residence immediately. Although such an approach is quite advantageous, maintaining two households is expensive.

Furthermore, the time you need to integrate into your new environment in the new city should not be underestimated. Unlike a move within the same city, more formalities should be observed when relocating to a different city, especially if one is relocating to a new federal state. This includes, among other things, the re-registration at the registration office, the re-registration of your vehicles, the search for a new kindergarten or school space, etc. Not every employer grants its employees special leave for these activities.

The disadvantages of relocating for job reasons may appear to outweigh the benefits at a first glance. But, one may quickly find out that the new environment and benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Ultimately, it is a personal decision whether the benefits of the new job outweigh the disadvantages.

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