[VIDEO]Viral footage shows 15-year-old boy presenting his friend to be used for rituals so he can “drive his dream car”

A viral video clip that’s currently serving rounds on social media shows a 15-year-old boy presenting his friend to a spiritualist to be killed for rituals.

According to reports, the boys are in JSS3 and are said to be best of friends. The young ritual killer is seen telling the spiritualist why he wants to use his friend for rituals while the victim pleads and reminds his friend that he is the only son of his parents.

However, the teenage boy refused to listen and when the spiritualist asked if he is willing to behead his friend if given a knife, he replied affirmatively.

When the young boy was asked what car he wants to drive, he replied that he plans to buy a GLK when he becomes rich from the rituals. The victim continues begging his friend and this makes the spiritualist ask why he came to the shrine if he doesn’t want to die.

The victim replied that his friend asked him to accompany him while running an errand so he followed. It’s later discovered that the would-be killer was set up by a man posing as a native doctor.

Watch the video as you scroll:

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