[VIDEO]Kano Hisbah officials shave young man’s hair for being ‘unIslamic’

Personnel of Hisbah Police in Kano have forcibly shaved off the hair of a male resident for being “unIslamic”.

In a viral clip, the young man was stopped by officials along a road and had his hair forcibly shaved off before he was released to go.

This comes after Sharia Police, also known as Hisbah reportedly banned women from using mobile phones and wearing sunglasses in Kuriga Village under Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

According to Sahara Reporters, a resident of the community raised the alarm over the increasing repressive activities of the religious police in the region.

According to him, Hisbah had been ‘frustrating the lives of youths in Kuriga and often carry out severe punishment for moral failings’.

“Hisbah is punishing youths for keeping afro hair and sometimes it is accompanied with beating. They have also prevented women and girls from using smartphones, claiming that it is used to spread unIslamic behaviors. They are just terrorising us”.

Another resident of the community also alleged that Hisbah personnel have prohibited women and girls from using sunglasses.

“They also sometimes storm houses where ceremonies are taking place and punish playing of music, dancing and any form of entertainment”.

The publication also recalled that Hisbah recently made headlines for shaving off the hair of young men on stylish haircuts and afros in Kano, arresting people for improper dressing and seizing tricycles from rides who decorated them with pictures considered to be obscene or against the tenets of Islam.

Watch the video of the man’s hair being shaved off below,

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