[VIDEO]Embarrassing moment energetic dancer falls off Adekunle Gold’s body on stage

Here is an embarrassing moment, an energetic dancer slipped and fell off Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold’s body on stage.

A video making the rounds has captured the moment a dancer jumped on Adekunle Gold, who recently gifted his wife a brand new ride.

This happened while he was performing on stage, but unfortunately, the dancer slipped and fell to the ground.

However, Adekunle Gold, who helped the dancer to her feet, did not really look bothered by the incident.

Adekunle Gold recently shared an emotional story about the struggles he had with his health growing up.

The “High” crooner, in a lengthy letter to his fans, disclosed that he was much younger, he struggled with his health as he was born with sickle cell anaemia. Read more here.

Watch the video of the embarrassing moment dancer falls off Adekunle Gold’s body

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