[VIDEO] Blogger, Amanda Chisom arrested over alleged participation in N50bn Ponzi scheme.

Blogger and media personality, Amanda Chisom has been arrested over her alleged participation in a N50bn Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is an investment scam that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. 

According to reports making rounds, the Chinmark group influencer is currently in FCID custody.

A video that went viral showed the moment she arrived the office of FCID in Abuja.

The alleged Ponzi scheme was carried out by Marksman Chinedu Ijeoma a.k.a Chinmark together with her.

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, who disclosed the news revealed that she was picked up on Tuesday morning from her residence by a team of crack detectives after her arrival from her Ponzi sponsored foreign vacation trip.

He claimed that the bigger would be detailed for a long time based on court order.

He further revealed that Amanda had opened up on what she knew about the 50 billion stolen by Chinmark and herself from innocent retail investors.

The fast rising blogger had taken to social media to warn the association of social media witches and wizards.

Amanda took to her verified Facebook page to sternly warn them to stop casting aspersions and evil eyes on people’s happiness.

Amana told them to leave people if they fail, as they will get up and retrace their steps.

She wrote;

“Stop casting aspersions and evil eyes on people’s happiness. It is not your place to say anybody’s relationship or marriage will not work or last . It is not you who should say who is happy pretending to be happy or will suffer. Leave people alone if they fail, they will get up and retrace their steps, the only people who do not retrace their steps or get a second chance are the occupants of the grave yard. Mind your business , mind your life and stop waiting for people to fail so you can say I said it.”

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