Top CV Lies and How To Tackle Them

There are many hurdles to face when recruiting and one of the most difficult to tackle is “Lion on the CV, cat in person”. Candidates who lie on their CV are real deal breakers but believe it or not, it could be quite difficult to bypass a lying CV. Most people tend to over-exaggerate success and embellish truth just to get to where they want – I mean some people end up performing really well on the job but then again some of them don’t quite cut it.

Here are 5 CV lies and how to tackle them –

Education – This is probably the most common lie. A lot of job seekers tend to over exaggerate their qualifications just to get your attention. You might have seen job seekers who graduated with a 3rd class or so claiming to have graduated with a first-class degree on their CV. This is why it’s important to request certifications and if possible carry out thorough research into the candidate’s history – whether it’s by reaching out to the school or getting a reference number.

Exaggerating Job titles and roles – It’s not uncommon for candidates to claim something they are not. When applying for higher positions, candidates may be tempted to tweak their job title and duties a bit – for example, you served as a Project assistant but would rather tweak it to “Project manager” so they can get your attention. This is why it’s important to always put knowledge to the test by carrying out exercises like the Jobberman Skills Assessments which is a set of tailored assessments for different job functions, allowing you to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for your specific role. You can learn more about this tool here.

Employment Dates – Job seekers can often feel the need to cover up employment gaps with fake dates – candidates also tend to exaggerate their date of employment to give the impression that they have more years of experience than they actually do. Candidates are much better at coming clean with the hiring manager as to why there are gaps or inconsistencies in the work experience. A considerate hiring manager would take into account the genuine reasons for these gaps or confirm with former employers.

Fabricating References  This lie is top tier and one of the most popular fabrications among job seekers. People that do this have a lot of other lies on their CV that they are trying to cover up. Jobseekers might include their family members’ contact details or even their “office buddy”, the worst cases are those who include their second numbers. It’s not always easy to detect but social networking platforms like LinkedIn have made it easy for employers to carry out thorough research and dig out candidates’ former bosses.

Salary and Benefits – This is another very common lie in the job market. Candidates will exaggerate their salary and benefits so that they can negotiate higher pay, they might also throw in a set of fabricated benefits so that you can up your offer. You can simply ask questions when carrying out research into other areas of the candidate’s CV. However, it’s best to negotiate based on the workload, job description, and current market rate.

Our Solutions –

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