Top 5 Best Countries for Retirement

Wanting to retire somewhere that your retirement dollars can go farther? Wanting to try a new culture for a while? Check out these eleven countries for ideas of best places to move.

Before moving, think about:

  • Language and culture
  • Renting versus buying
  • Visas and residence requirements
  • Cost of living
  • Entertainment and amenities
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle
  • Development
  • Climate
  • Governance

The following countries scored highly when compared by experts. If you want an expat community, you won’t be alone. About 550,000 Americans receive Social Security benefits overseas.

5. Peru

Known for Incan civilization, Peru offers a variety of climates from beaches to the towering mountains topped with Incan ruins.

As a new listee on the best countries to retire in, Peru is still incredibly inexpensive.  It is fairly safe, although there are some area you may not want to live in.

Public health care is iffy, but the private clinics are excellent, and insurance is low. Cost of living is very low and as of now, there aren’t many ex-pats.

4. Malaysia

Moving away from the Americas, take a look at Malaysia. This southeast Asian country is on the Malay Peninsula south of Thailand.

It’s been colonized by several countries and is a vibrant mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures.  Because of its diversity, Malaysia is a very welcoming country.

It is considered fairly safe, many people speak English, and it is an affordable first world country. Health care is outstanding and costs about a tenth of the same procedure in the US.

3. Spain

There are still retiree-friendly countries in Europe. Spain offers a variety of climates from Mediterranean to rainy and green. It is fairly safe but as with all European countries, you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Depending on where you chose to live, rentals can be very low and there is a lot of do. The entertainment is varied, and a rich history surrounds you no matter where you go. Traveling to other European countries, Africa, and Eastern Europe is easy.

2. Portugal

The tiny but wonderful country of Portugal is a retiree friendly place to live. Portugal ranges from the Mediterranean beaches to rocky and rough terrain in the north. English is spoken in most of the bigger cities.

Health care is affordable but there is some red tape to work through. Portugal has been a cosmopolitan kingdom since its inception and lead the world in exploration. As a result, the people are friendly and generally welcoming.

1. Malta

Malta, a tiny island south of Italy, is surprisingly affordable, especially for a Mediterranean island.

Many people speak English as it was a British colony and there is a large ex-pat community there. Entertainment is excellent and ranges from the outdoors to festivals. If you need more, Sicily and the rest of Italy are short ferry rides away.

It is considered safe and the weather is very moderate. The public transportation system allows you to save on car expenses as well.

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