This one blew me” Nkechi Blessing gets emotional as her fan does the unthinkable

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday was left touched by the sweet gesture from her die-hard fan.

Nkechi had clicked the follow button on a dedicated female fan which had made her do the unthinkable.

To show her appreciation to her, the fan made a frame of Nkechi Blessing’s daily activity on her page.

Nkechi Blessing who was taken aback by her sweet gesture took to her Instagram page to appreciate the fan.

She revealed that she had never seen and heard of this, but it feels good seeing it happen.

According to her, because she only followed a dedicated fan, the fan had to make a frame of it.

Nkechi Blessing added that her sweet gesture blew her.

“OMG I have seen and heard of this, but it feels good seeing it happen cus I only followed a Dedicated Fan @momma_nike and she had to frame it. Now this one blew me away…. Thank you for loving me this much. I won’t disappoint you”.

Nkechi Blessing is no doubt loved by her fans as this isn’t the only sweet gesture she has received from her fans.

Nkechi Blessing couldn’t keep calm as her “Mr Anonymous” surprised her again with her heart desire.

Weeks after she was placed on a 1 million allowance by an anonymous fan, the said male fan had decided to fulfill her heart’s desire by getting her dream car.

Nkechi Blessing was once the proud owner of a Range Rover but she had to give it up to build her new house.

The actress had on countless times made it known to her fans that she desired a RR as a gift but unfortunately, the actress couldn’t get one on her birthday.

However, it seemed Mr. Anonymous was about to grant her heart desire.

Taking to her Instagram story, Nkechi Blessing shared a screenshot of her chat with him.

In the chat, the man had questioned if she didn’t want any other car apart from RR, and from the conversation, he was willing to splash millions on her dream car.

Fan makes a frame of Nkechi Blessing

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