Singer Teni becomes a bride, reveals husband’s ringed finger and wedding photos

Singer Teni entertainer has continued to tease her fans with wedding-themed photos and videos of herself.

Drillogist had reported that the ‘billionaire singer rocked the Internet with an engaged photo of herself, claiming she can’t keep the news with herself again.

“Can’t keep this no more”, she wrote while flaunting a huge silver engagement ring.

The post, captured from Teni’s Instagram story, has mixed reactions online.

Many eagerly wait for the singer to officially announced that she is married, while some speculated that it could be a music video.

At the time of making this report, Teni shared new photos of herself fully dressed as a bride.

The photo also includes a caption of her supposed husband-to-be’s ringed finger.

recalls that this is not the first time, Teni is talking about marriage engagement.

In an earlier video shared on her Instagram page, Teni made it clear that she might be the one to propose, saying: “It’s either they propose to me or I propose, whichever one…”

The singer concluded that she would have to learn to cook meals like egusi soup because she can only “cook corn flakes, spaghetti and indomie.’

Teni has previously stated that she was under pressure from her mother to get married.

The singer recently declared that she sees nothing wrong in a woman proposing to a man, an opinion which earned her criticism on social media.

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