Reality Tv Star Tacha says The new female housemates are trying h to o be like me

Former housemate of the Big Brother Naija reality show, Natacha ‘Tacha’ Akide, demands compensation from show organizers for her impact on subsequent housemates.

This comes hours after the premiere of Season 7 of the show that unveiled the new housemates of this year’s edition.

Taking to Instagram, Tacha emphasized that a version of her keeps resurfacing on the show every year based on her impact.

I need to know who is in charge of the Big Brother Naija marketing team because you can’t say you haven’t seen that since I left the house, every year back to back, there’s always a Tacha 2.0.. there’s always a Tacha that you are infusing. It’s kinda like you are forcing Tacha to pop out from one of the housemates.


There’s an email on my bio, put the call through, do something, let’s work this year. As long as it is business, I am humble like that,” she said.

Watch the video below …

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