Protests/Insecurity: Again, Reno Omokri knocks Obi, bombs Buhari for traveling to Liberia

Former aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri has again tackled President Muhammadu Buhari and Peter Obi.

Obi who is the presidential candidate of Labour Party, LP, yesterday featured on Channels Television programme.

While fielding questions from Seun Okinbaloye, the former Anambra state governor, said: he would “educate if it’s true the 90% of Northerners that are not on social media”. He said he would invest in education.

“We need to educate them. We need to ensure that we equip them because the population mentioned is actually the teeming population we need. When I said the vast land of the north is our next oil, this is the population that I need to be able to turn that asset into production.

“They are the asset I need for the factories. Processing factories are going to be located in Kano and Kaduna, to be able to produce those agricultural products for export”, Obi said.

Reacting to Obi’s statement, Reno argued that just like Obi’s followers, he (Peter Obi) has exposed his ignorance about Northern Nigeria by saying he would educate the 90% of Northerners not on social media.

Lampooning him further, Omokri advised Obi to “stop assuming that because Northerners are not on social media, they are automatically illiterate! That is false!”

“Peter Obi’s interview set Arewa Twitter on fire. If Peter gets up to 50k votes in the NW, it will be a “miracle”. How can you just assume that 90% of Northerners who are not on social media are illiterate? Millions of LITERATE Northerners avoid social media by choice!

“Even in Southern Nigeria, millions of people are not on social media. Peter Obi, does that automatically make them illiterates? Are you more educated than Tundun Abiola? She made a distinction. You made an ordinary pass. Yet, she’s not on social media! What nonsense!”.

However, on other issues relating to security, ASUU and Power, Reno said: “Asked how he would solve the perennial ASUU strike, Peter Obi said he would bring about a win-win situation. How Peter? How? Are you going to send ASUU to the Olympics to win a medal? ASUU needs money for universities. How will you fund them? Plans, Peter, plans!

“In his interview, Peter Obi said he will move Nigeria from consumption to production. But how? He gave no plans. In his private life Peter is a trader. He imports good and sells. Does he manufacture in Nigeria? Other than SABMille beer, the answer is Capital NO!

“Peter Obi was asked how he would improve power, and he spent 5 minutes talking about how he went to Egypt and met with the CEO of a power plant. That is not a plan. Nigerians listened to Atiku on AriseTV. When asked the same question, Atiku gave a plan, not a story!

“Peter Obi just told Channels he would improve security.  But, was he able to secure Anambra when he was Governor? How come the notorious SARS commander, James Nwafor, committed massive crimes under Obi? If he couldn’t secure small Anambra, how can he secure Nigeria?”

On Buhari, Reno said: “Less than 24 hours after they threatened to abduct Buhari and El-Rufai, bandits attacked General Buhari’s personal security, the Brigade of Guards, in Abuja, injuring an unknown number. Who then is safe? Why are they after Buhari? Was there a breached agreement?”

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