Muyiwa Ademola reveals love intention in heartwarming 50th birthday surprise to Bimbo Oshin 

Actor Muyiwa Ademola has melted the heart of his colleague, Bimbo Oshin, by not only surprising her, but showing her love for her 50th birthday celebration, which was held over the weekend.

Actress Bimbo Oshin celebrated her first birthday, on Sunday, July 24, without her husband Dudu Heritage in 22 years.

Still remembering her husband, Dudu Heritage, who died in September 2021, Bimbo Oshin, who turned 50 had a quiet birthday celebration with her family and loved ones.

Deciding to shower love on her, actor Muyiwa Ademola showed up at her home with a surprise birthday cake delivered himself.

Muyiwa, better known as Authentic, posted a video of himself presenting the cake to Bimbo, who got emotional and thanked him.

Captioning the video he uploaded on Instagram, Muyiwa wrote: “My intention wasn’t to surprise her but to show her love because she deserves it. Alas! She was beautifully amazed. Keep being adorable, Abimbola. The world celebrates you and your 50th despite your wanting a quiet one. Long life and enviable happiness, sis.”

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