Moment a man was caught on tape begging his wife’s sister for sex in exchange for an iPhone

A man has been caught on tape pleading with his wife’s sister to have quickie sex with him in a bathroom in exchange for an iPhone.

In the video filmed by someone who hid in the ceiling, the man was seen dragging his sister-in-law into the bathroom and pulling off his white shirt to expose his bare chest before begging her to sleep with him.

When she didn’t yield to his request, the man went down on his knees and started begging her to give in to his advances for that one time.

man was caught

When the man realized she wasn’t going to agree to his request, he promised to get her the iPhone she has been wishing to own in exchange for the sex.

Upon hearing his grand promise, the lady almost changed her mind, but upheld her decision, while noting that she did not want to hurt her sister.

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