Masters In New Zealand

New Zealand lies among the sea of opportunities when we talk about studying abroad. Masters in New Zealand is one of the most underrated programs on the planet. Before writing off the islands as just beautiful landscapes, people need to understand the quality of the higher education New Zealand has to offer, and how the country is overshadowed by other English speaking country. If you are interested in pursuing your Masters in New Zealand, here is all you need to know:

Masters in New Zealand

Masters in New Zealand for International Students

The Universities in New Zealand are state funded and divided almost equally between two islands of the country. There are total of eight universities in New Zealand, and all of them feature in the top 1000 universities in world by QS and THE rankings. As we move forward with the information, we will provide the University Rankings for each of them, to have an idea where the Masters in New Zealand stands.

Postgraduate Courses in New Zealand

There are number of courses to pursue Masters in New Zealand. Out of plethore of the courses which range from Architecture studies to Data science and business management. Here are the top courses to Study for Masters in New Zealand.

List of Universities in New Zealand for Masters

As we have mentioned, the Universities in New Zealand are top ranked universities, not only in the Oceania, but all around the world. Here are all of the universities in New Zealand and their world rankings:

Top Universities in New ZealandQS RankingsTHE University Ranking
University of Auckland85201-250
University of Otago175201-250
Victoria University of Wellington221401-500
University of Canterbury231301-350
University of Waikato274401-500
Lincoln University317501-600
Massey University332501-600
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)464301-350

Masters in New Zealand Requirements

The requirements for the different courses and universities will be different for international students. However, there are some general requirements which every candidate has to provide. Here are some of the general requirements for Masters in New Zealand.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Photographs
  • A Valid Passport
  • Letters of Recommendation where needed
  • Previous Degrees and Certificates
  • Statement of Purpose / Application Essay
  • Resume / CV
  • Proof of  minimum required Monetary Funds

New Zealand Study Intakes:

There are two intakes to study in New Zealand for the international students. January and July intakes are two primary intakes for Masters in New Zealand. The application deadlines for the universities in New Zealand vary with each universities, and some universities do not have any application deadline, allowing students to apply throughout the year. The best way to know the deadline is to research for the universities individually. More about Intakes: New Zealand Study Intakes

Masters in New Zealand Fees

Both Australia and New Zealand are a couple of the most expensive English speaking countries to study abroad. Here are the average tuition costs to study in New Zealand.

Courses in New ZealandAverage Tuition Fees (NZD)
Arts and Humanities / Social Science17918 NZD / Year
Science, Engineering and Technology21975 NZD / Year
Health and Medicine67279 NZD / Year

Masters in New Zealand Scholarship

There are number of ways to fund your study abroad when it comes to Masters in New Zealand. The student loans are of course one of them, and the others are scholarships and bursaries to study in New Zealand. Here are the most renowned scholarships for Masters in New Zealand:

  1. University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship
  2. University of Auckland International Business Masters Scholarships
  3. Victoria Fulbright Masters Scholarship
  4. AUT Professional Masters Scholarships
  5. University of Auckland Masters/Honours/PGDip Scholarship
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