Masters In Latvia

Master’s in Latvia is some of the most sought-after programs in this eastern European country, with a large number of international students applying every year for their higher education. For students who are looking forward to a master’s in Latvia, here is a complete guide for the international students:

Masters in Latvia

Masters in Latvia for International Students

No matter what your academic background is, there is something for everyone coming to Latvia for a master’s. In Science, commerce, or arts, you will find a number of courses depending on your bachelor’s degree. Master in Latvia is therefore a choice for many international students. Here are some of the best courses for Masters in Latvia:

  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Information Systems
  • Business and Management
  • Masters in Management
  • Arts and Media

Universities in Latvia

The universities in Latvia are some of the oldest and the most prestigious institutions in Eastern Europe, QS University Rankings: Eastern Europe & Central Asia ranks three of the universities in Latvia. For a master’s in Latvia, there is a long list of universities and colleges you can look forward to. Here is the list of top universities in Latvia for Masters:

1-year Courses in Latvia

For the international students or working individuals who are willing to invest less time and want higher rewards, there are a number of one-year courses for Masters in Latvia. These courses offer the same standards of education and training as the longer courses, but in the time of 8 months to one year in a concentrated manner. Here are some of the best courses to pursue as one-year courses for Masters in Latvia:

MBA in Latvia

As far as MBA in Latvia is concerned, affordability plays a big part for the international students opting for Latvia. Master in Business Administration is one of the most popular courses in Latvia among international students. Given its recognition worldwide, the course is offered in the English for almost all the universities, along with many other courses that you can study in Latvia in English:

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Latvia

Another course that is one of the most sought-after for Masters in Latvia is Engineering, and among all the engineering streams on offer, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering is preferred by most. With Riga Technical University, one can enroll for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering for one of the lowest tuition fees of 3,900 euros per year. The MEng course is for two years, full time. The course consists of Technical System Vibration and Stability, Thermodynamics and Gas Dynamics, Vibro Technology & Vibro Machines, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Rotary Machines, Theory of Boundary Layer, CAD of Mechanical Systems, Machines for Lifting and Transport, Non-Standard Sources of Energy.

Study Intakes in Latvia

The September Semester or the September intake is the main intake in Latvia. Some of the universities in Latvia offer other secondary intakes like November, January-February, and March-April. The summer intake would have the least number of courses and universities offering them. Many of them only offer language courses in the summer. International students should aim for the September intake as they will find the most number of courses available for that intake only.

University of Latvia Tuition Fees for International Students

Masters in Latvia is some of the most affordable courses you can find as far as the tuition fees are concerned. Especially for a European country that offers a Master’s in English, the prices are extremely competitive even for courses like MBA, Engineering, and nursing that usually have higher tuition than anywhere else in the world. At public institutions, the tuition fees can be as low as 3,700 euros a year even for the international students. You can read more about the cost of studying in Latvia here: Cost of Study in Latvia

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