Masters In Australia

Australia is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations in the world when it comes to English speaking countries. The country has been more than welcoming towards the overseas students, and Masters in Australia is one of the most sought after courses. If you are someone who is looking forward to masters in Australia, here is all you need to know:

Masters in Australia

Australian Universities

Universities in Australia are self-accredited, but state funded universities. Australia is home to more than 40 universities for the tertiary education. Out of those, 37 universities are top ranked universities in the world as per QS rankings. The universities are highly advanced when it comes to quality of education and technological research. Here are top 10 Australian universities for international universities:

Australian UniversitiesQS RankingsTHE University Ranking
Australian National University2449
University of Melbourne3932
University of Sydney4259
University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)4596
University of Queensland4869
Monash University5984
University of Western Australia91134
University of Adelaide114135
University of Technology Sydney160196
University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)214301-350

Study in Australia after Graduation

There are more than 60000 English taught programs in Australia for locals and international students. There are number of specializations available for the graduate courses in Australia. From STEM to Social Sciences and Humanities, there is everything for everyone for Masters in Australia. Here are top courses in Australia for Masters:

  1. MS in Australia in Computer Science
  2. MSc in Biotechnology in Australia
  3. Msc in Electronics in Australia
  4. MBA and Business Courses for Masters in Australia
  5. Engineering Colleges in Australia for Masters

1 Year Masters Programs In Australia

International students in Australia have an option to pursue one year Masters Programs at top universities in Australia. The purpose of these courses is to serve the students who want to invest less time for their Masters program, and return to the home country for the job hunting. The one year Masters programs in Australia do not offer the extension in Visa for the internships or job hunting. Universities like Monash and University of Sydney offer one year Masters Programs in Australia. There is also Part time Masters in Australia, which offer the working professionals an opportunity to continue study while working.

Cheapest Master’s Degree in Australia

Universities in Australia are not exactly known for their affordability. In fact, they are many a time criticized for their high tuition fees. However, there are number of affordable universities for Masters in Australia. Here are some of the Universities for Masters in Australia:

  1. University of Sunshine Coast
  2. Edith Cowan University
  3. CQ University
  4. Southern Cross University
  5. Australian Catholic University

For help with your Masters in Australia, you can also check out: Scholarships in Australia for International Students

How to Apply for Masters in Australia

Many students looking to Study in Australia for their further studies. With Top Universities and courses to offer, MS in Australia is one of the most favourite graduate programs Australia aspirants look forward to. However, many students get confused about where to start for Masters in Australia.

1. Choosing the Right University and Courses:

For pursuing your Master’s degree in Australia, it is important to choose the right universities in Australia for MS. 

2. Eligibility & Requirements:

To Work and Study in Australia, a student have to fulfil certain Eligibility Criteria and Requirements. Both the factors vary from Institute to Institute. Therefore, you must make sure you have all the required documents and are eligible to apply to study Masters in Australia.

  • Attested copies of your mark sheets for class 10, 12, and Bachelor’s degree.
  • Preferably two Academic Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from the professors who taught you latest, Two letters of recommendation from your Employer / Manager if you have work experience.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume
  • Score Reports (Photocopies) of applicable exams such as GMAT / GRE / IELTS / TOEFL
  • If you want to apply to study Masters in Australia for Designing or Architecture Programs, then your Portfolio will be required.
  • Others certificates and extracurricular achievements (State or Natural Level)
  • Proof of your Monetary Funds

3. Exams and Tests Required for Ms in Australia:

Give the necessary exams. For English Language requirement, different universities accept different proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE; similarly, for the specific course, you might be asked to take GMAT or GRE as per requirement.

  • IELTS and TOEFL are universally accepted proficiency test for the English language, along with PTE, these exams are necessary to get admission at your desired institute. If you are confused about which exam to take, it varies from college to college and you can find eligible scores and exam details on official websites.
  • GRE and GMAT are more subject-specific General Tests. They are taken to gauge the candidate’s knowledge for a specific subject and is another admission criteria asked by many institutes. GMAT is for Management studies, while technical students take GRE. Again, check the college’s official website to be sure about which exam to take.

4. Masters program in Australia Application:

Steps to Apply for MS in Australia:

  • Shortlist the college and universities you want to apply for.
  • Australia University Intakes: February Intake and July Intake. However, the admission timelines for MS in Australia change from University to University.
  • The best way to apply on time is to check the respective University / College’s official website for admission deadlines for MS in Australia.
  • Most colleges have an application fee to be paid in order to apply for the Master of Science in Australia.
  • You should preferably start the application process from 7 to 8 months before the deadline, as universities generally take 4 to 6 weeks to process the application.

5. Student Visa and Study Permit in Australia:

If you want to enrol in the Master’s Program in Australia, you will require a Study Permit or Student Visa. Below mentioned are the required document to apply for a student visa:

1. A Valid passport:

  • Valid beyond six months of your intended stay.
  • Non-immigrant visa application

2. Application Fee Payment Receipt
​3. COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) Form wich means Confirmation that you have been enrolled in an Australian institute.
4. Letter of Acceptance:
5. Overseas Health Insurance proof
6. Passport-sized photographs.

The visa official can also ask for documents other than these as your academic and financial proof. These may include your transcripts, degree, scores in IELTS/PTE/TOEFL, etc.

  • You must prove your intent to leave Australia after the completion of your program.
  • You must prove that you have funds to provide for academic, living and travel costs.

The Student Visa Process for MS in Australia usually takes 8 to 12 weeks depending upon an individual to an individual.

Masters in Australia Cost

The average tuition fees to study in Australia are somewhere around 27000 Australian Dollars a year. For the Masters in Australia, the tuition fees fall into the range of 14000 to 37000 Australian Dollars. These are just the tuition fees for Masters in Australia. There are accommodation costs, food and transportation costs to add. They will largely depend on the location you are staying. The accommodation costs, for example can actually double up in the middle of a metropolitan, compared to a sub-urban locality. Here is more on Fees and Affordability in Australia: Cost of Living and Studying in Australia for International Students

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