Labour Party Set To Announce Peter Obi’s Running Mate July 15

The Labour Party (LP) has said all is set to announce a substantive running mate for its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, July 15.

The national chairman of the party, Julius Abure, also disclosed on Tuesday that the proposed alliance between his party and the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has completely collapsed.

Abure made the disclosure while speaking during an interview on monitored interview on the 2023 president on Africa’s Independent Television’s current affairs programme, Focus Nigeria.

Reacting to the statement by Kwankwaso about the impossibility of power to shift to the south, Abure said: “We should be able to manage our diversity and bring all Nigerians together. That is a reasonable thing to do. It is not for him to say, it is the people that will decide.

“Democracy is for the people. The people will decide who will become president in 2023. I want to state clearly that his (Kwankwaso) point of view is parochial and selfish, it does not reflect the aspirations of northern Nigeria.

“In another eight months, we will have the elections. The activities that will crystalize in that election will shock you. Just be patient, let us announce our vice-presidential candidate from the north.

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