[VIDEO] I am one of the biggest personality in Africa” BBNaija’s Laycon brags, revealing what Davido told him

Big Brother Naija’s lockdown winner, Laycon has bragged about the massive influence he has in Africa.

The singer described himself as one of the biggest personalities in Africa.

Laycon made this known during a sit-down with show host, Chude Jideonwo.

Speaking on his music career, Laycon revealed that he has been releasing music since 2012 and he got famous with the release of ‘It’s Laycon’ and ‘Fierce’.

According to him, his main aim in going into the reality show was to promote his musical career.

Laycon disclosed that the first person who told him about the massive influence he had was Davido.

He said,

“I have been doing music since 2016. I have been releasing music since 2012. I feel like the song that made people say ‘Who is this guy?’ has to be ‘Who is Laycon?’ or the song ‘Fierce’, this song blew up but I didn’t blow up with the song”.

Speaking on his time in BBN, he said, “I was asking for musical stuff while in the house and I was particular about going back to my music”.

He further said about Davido,

“I think the first person that told me that I have no idea what was waiting for me outside was Davido”.

Revealing his fear, Laycon said, “I am afraid of loosing my mum and fear”.

Laycon went on to describe himself as the biggest personality in Africa, “I am Laycon. I am one of the biggest personality in Africa. I am naturally intelligent doesn’t mean I am not human. It doesn’t I can’t love. I can’t be hurt. I am not perfect.

Addressing his relationship status, “I am not in a relationship, I am not searching, I want to be found”.

Laycon had vented out over how he was completely ignored by organisers of Headies Award.

On May 24th, the list of nominees for 2022 Headies Award was released, unfortunately, Laycon wasn’t nominated in any category.

In a series of tweet, Laycon noted how he wanted to be recognized for his crafts even when he doesn’t win an award.

He stated that though, he wasn’t a fan of judging people with the adjective “Best”, however, he saw award as a compliment, something that tells him that people see the work he had done and should put in more efforts.

Laycon admitted that not everyone would win an award, and neither will all be nominated. He also pointed out how people who were nominated for an award would complain if they don’t win.

Watch video below:

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