Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students 2022.

It isn’t a new development that many Nigerian students are out there watching, hoping and praying to experience exactly how education is outside of their country.

This is easier said than done. After having every determining factor in place, you realize that moving out of Nigeria to experience more of America or European education doesn’t come on a platter of gold.

Despite the difficulties involved in making this dream of studying abroad, some questions are being asked repeatedly;

Are there opportunities that can bring my dreams of travelling abroad for your education to reality?

How possible is it to go abroad for my education?

There are lots of questions that may be running through your mind as a Nigerian student. You are not to be blamed, considering the abnormalities in the country over 7-8 years, you would want to try something different.

Going abroad for study might be difficult, of course, it depends on the person looking forward to studying overseas. One thing is certain, there is a possibility.

You wouldn’t want to miss the remaining part of this article, because you are only a few words away from taking a step towards achieving your dreams.

How Can I Study Abroad?

There are tons of ways to get yourself to study abroad;

  • Applying for a scholarship program
  • Directly purchasing the form of your desired institution
  • After confirming your admission you can proceed to process your travelling documents.

The problem is, the latter doesn’t go down well with everyone, considering it’s dependent on your status, your wealth, or your family background.

So for this article, we will discuss how you can travel abroad for your studies by taking advantage of scholarship programs.

Scholarships are by far the only simple, cost-free, and possible way of studying abroad, with a bit of luck – this works for everyone, whether rich or poor, privileged or underprivileged.

By relying on Scholarships, many Nigerians have been an opportunity to experience education in the outside world.

You can also leverage Scholarships to actualize your dreams.

You may be thinking, “how do I go about this?”. No cause for alarm, we have got you covered.

Firstly, you have to identify the Scholarship that works for you.

You don’t just rush into applying for a scholarship program on knowing about it. Ask yourself, will this Scholarship take me to where I want to be?

Scholarships can come in categories, that is to say, there are Scholarships meant only for Secondary school students.

There are also Scholarship programs meant only for undergraduates, as there are scholarship programs that only people aspiring for their second and third-degree can apply.

Secondly, every Scholarship program requires one thing – Application.

Application processes are very common among Scholarship programs, you can only hold your hopes high if you are successful in this stage.

Take for example, as a university graduate, a scholarship program may require you to have at least a second class upper CGPA before you can be considered for a scholarship to proceed with obtaining your Master’s degree.

This can also apply to Secondary school students and undergraduates. Another thing to consider during the application stage is the processes involved; how much to be spent, the stress and so on. Then you ask yourself, are you ready to face this? Of course, you know your answer.

After digesting what you have read so far, you should be eager to learn more, check out this list of Scholarships available for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad.

Scholarships to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

For Nigerian Students who just finished high school or secondary school, Masters degree and PhD aspirants. The list below consists of the available Scholarship programs for you:

  • PTDF, Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Rotary Peace Fellowship, Masters and Professional Programs
  • AIG, Africa Initiative for Governance Fellowship for Nigerians and Ghanaians
  • SPDC Scholarship Program
  • Fully Funded Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarships
  • NITDA Scholarships
  • University of Birmingham Scholarships for Nigerian Students
  • Cranfield Sub-Saharan Africa Scholarships
  • Commonwealth foundation scholarship

PTDF, Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship

this Scholarship is available for Nigerians to study in Nigeria and abroad – it includes Universities in the UK. Undergraduates, students aspiring to have their masters or PhD degrees can apply.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships was established by the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1983. Many Nigerian students have gone abroad for studies using this Scholarship.

Rotary Peace Fellowship, Masters and Professional Programs

The Rotary Scholarship is a fully-funded one. Each year, they would pick random Students from around the globe.

AIG, Africa Initiative for Governance Fellowship for Nigerians and Ghanaians

The Africa Initiative for Governance would award Ghanaians and Nigerians Scholarships and send them to Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government to undertake intensive training in public policy and governance.

SPDC Scholarship Program

The Nigerian Shell Petroleum Development Company awards Students across Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa States of Nigeria postgraduate Scholarships to further their education at selected universities like Imperial College London, University of Leeds and the University College London, in the United Kingdom.

The Scholarship is only available for Engineering and Petroleum related courses (science).

Fully Funded Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarships

SBDC awards Scholarships to students in Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, South Africa, South Sudan, Ghana and Mozambique.

NITDA Scholarships

NITDA is the abbreviation for National Information Technology Development Agency has Scholarship programs established in 2010 to aid Nigerian Students and their bid to see Nigeria evolve into being an Information Technology-driven Economy.

They sponsor students in areas of study related to Information Technology. Their Scholarship covers Nigerian Universities and Foreign Universities. Only Masters and PhD aspirants can be considered.

University of Birmingham Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Considering the financial problems facing many across the world, Birmingham University has chosen to award the best-performing Students with Scholarships to Study in the United Kingdom.

Cranfield Sub-Saharan Africa Scholarships

This Scholarship is based on merit. Only Students with First or Second Class Upper can be considered.

Above are some of the Scholarship programs you can apply for as a Nigerian and stand a chance of being selected.

There are things you should know as a Nigerian Student who is looking forward to studying abroad – these are mistakes many students made that led to wasted years.

  • Don’t quit your present school until your Scholarship is 100% guaranteed.
  • Don’t stay home idle with the hopes of obtaining a scholarship.

Studying abroad is a good thing, it’s not bad to be ambitious either, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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