Election2023: 5 Nigerian celebrities that have been vocal about PVC registration

This has been on the front burner for months, with several campaigns and messages spurring every Nigerian to register and vote.

Interestingly, since the build-up to the elections started, many Nigerians, especially the youths have shown the desire to be part of the process.

However, several Nigerian celebrities have taken it upon themselves to sensitise the public especially young Nigerians that it is no longer business as usual.

Here are some of your favourite celebrities who have been quite vocal about PVC registration.

Peter Okoye

Nigerian singer Peter Okoye [Instagram/PeterPSquare]

Peter Okoye of PSquare has been one of, if not the most vocal celebrity since the election season began. The singer has used his social media platforms, especially his Twitter page to propagate the gospel of getting a PVC.

The singer has not hidden his support for one of the presidential candidates as he has used every opportunity to campaign for the presidential candidate.

Mr Macaroni

Nigerian Instagram comedian and skit maker Mr Macaroni [Instagram/MrMacaroni]

Mr Macaroni may be one of the most popular Instagram comedians and skit makers in the country, but he certainly has become more famous for his activism. He became one of the frontrunners during the #EndSars protest in 2020 and since then there has been no going back.

The skit maker has used all his platforms to not just speak about the ills of the government but also appeal to Nigerians to go out and get registered for the elections.


Nigerian rapper and activist Folarin Falz Falana [Instagram/FalzTheBadhGuy]

One celebrity who has become famous for activism in Nigeria is Falz. The University of Reading trained lawyer just like his legal luminary dad, Femi Falana, has become one of the faces of activism in the country.

The music star who was involved in the #EndSars protest in 2020, has used his platform to push for more Nigerians to get their PVCs. Falz went to the extent of organising a free concert in Lagos and Abuja to mobilise young Nigerians to get registered for the elections.


Nigerian music star Davido [Instagram/Davido]

It is a known fact that Davido has never denied his interest in politics in Nigeria. In an interview back in 2020, he even revealed that someday he’ll contest for the house of representatives seat.

“You will see. Presidency, I’m joking. I don’t know, I’ll probably start from the house of representatives,” he said. “This is the first time I am ever saying this, Yes I win run for office.”

Davido has also been quite vocal about the need for Nigerians to get their PVCs and vote. He also has on numerous times appealed to Nigerians to not just get registered but also vote.

MI Abaga

MI Abaga is a Nigerian rapper, activist, and businessman [Instagram/MIAbaga]

For many Nigerians MI Abaga may be the best rapper in the country, for others, he is one of the advocates for a society that works.

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