Drama as blogger unfolds ‘lies’ about Papaya Ex’s 50 million endorsement deal.

Famous controversial Instagram influencer Raheem Abiike Halimah, known as Papaya Ex, has stirred a new drama online with her latest achievement, which fetched her a whopping fifty million naira.

The internet is agog with mixed reactions as another blogger comes on the tails of Papaya Ex as he unfolds ‘lies’ about her fifty million naira endorsement deal.

we earlier reported that Papaya Ex took to Instagram to show off to her haters that she bagged a fifty million naira deal for a cosmetics brand after working for them free in 2018.

She threw a subtle shade at her haters, promising to make them feel the heat as she isn’t what they think she is.
Abike Papaya, take your crown! Guess who just signed a 50 million naira deal?? Big paps!! With the number one cosmetic/beauty brand @zikelcosmetics! To think I once texted them in 2018, to model for them for free and they’re back with a BIG BAG to become their brand ambassador!!! Screaming Grace!!! Welcome @zikelcosmetics!! Please let them feel the heat make they no say Papaya FC no small”.

Moving on, Insider Hint alleged that Papaya Ex had made up a story about her reported fifty million naira deal, stating it was a cosmetic brand from the trenches that signed her.

He also alleged that Papaya Ex’s huge announcement about the deal was a promotion because the brand could not afford such a huge amount.

“na don see shop way sign papaya for 50 million stop playing

Both papaya and the ceo guy neve talk truth shop way be like trenches, una never talk waything happen between una

If una like make una dey believe this cheap promo, na so bob talk am too that time till now we no see the brand break light again

This same brand na dem talk say dem sgin tonto 100 million that year, till now we no see anything, I no even know way thing happen between dem be like dem later f!ght Las Las, you see that brand they add number put anything, dem fit talk say dem use 80 million sign me

No let anybody oppress you for this Instagram street oo las Las the truth will reveal itself, na where all of us go dey

Akoi 50 nothing way person no go see for this Bob junior sister page

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