Countries With The Best Higher Education

Considering higher education abroad? As per a recent survey, these countries are at the top providing the best university education.

There are a lot of factors such as access to education, the curriculum, the economic context, and the overall strength of the education system that contribute to the popularity of the education.

If you plan on studying abroad these nation should be on your list of possible destinations.

Best Countries For Higher Education

1. United States

All said and done, the United States has some of the best educational facilities in the world. They have more than 30 universities that rank among the top 100 universities.

The only drawback of studying in the United States is that it can be quite expensive to do so unless you have a scholarship. The quality of education is one of the best in the world.

You cannot expect less from the nation that gave us Harvard, MIT, Columbia and many other such amazing institutions.

2. United Kingdom

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the best international universities in the world. The U.K. has made schooling mandatory for kids between the ages of 5 to 16 which gives them a great platform to excel in universities. If you ever want to test yourself against the best in the world then these are the universities you need to be in.

3. Germany

As long as you can afford to pay for your living expenses and a nominal administration fee you can study in Germany for free. That’s what makes it one of the most exciting places for higher education.

While it may not carry the reputation of universities in the US or the UK, there are several German universities which are in the top 100 all around. Another fun fact is that the concept of kindergarten was invented in Germany.

4. Canada

Like Germany, Canada provides free and mandatory schooling for all children above the age of 5. The education system is some of the best in the world and it leads to very bright students who go on to excel at the global stage.

On average the universities in Canada rank higher than most nations on the planet and hence garners a spot on this list of countries with the best higher education. The students from Canadian universities also do well in international scholastic competitions.

5. Australia

Only the US and the UK have more universities in the top 100 than Australia. Although its highest placed university is only ranked 19th (Australian National University), it offers some excellent education.

Australia also scores a lot of points for achieving high cultural diversity with students from all over the world moving to Australia to complete their further studies. Like students, the international faculty are also varied and carry a large amount of experience. Australian universities also score high marks when it comes to academic reputation.

While the standards of education have been improving over the past decade, there is still more work to be done. The internet has definitely helped in spreading the knowledge to different parts of the world.

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