Cost Of Studying In Latvia

Latvia is one of the most affordable countries to study and live in Europe, if not the most affordable. Universities in Latvia have lower tuition fees and high rewarding programs for the international students. Most of the higher education courses in streams of Science, Mathematics, Technology and Management are offered in English. If you want to have a rewarding study abroad experience in Europe, Latvia is a perfect destination. Here is all you need to know about studying in Latvia costs along with the costs of living:

Cost of Studying in Latvia

Latvia Student Visa Cost:

Students who are not from EU-EEA, Nordic Countries or Switzerland are required to have a student visa to study in Latvia. After arriving in Latvia, they need to apply for a residence permit separately. The Application fees for the Latvia Student Visa is €60.

Cost of Study in Latvia

The costs of study in Latvia for higher education is different for each course and university, thus there is no definite number for the international students. However, these are some average tuition fees for different levels of studying for International students:

Latvia University Fees for International Students:

Level of StudyAverage Tuition Fees
Bachelor’s Degree€3000 – €5000
Medicine Degree€15000
Master’s Degrees€1700 for EU and Swiss Students€3700 for International Students

As we mentioned, the average cost of studying in Latvia is some of the lowest in Europe. Not only in Europe, one can compare it to other countries offering English Taught courses, and these are some of the lowest numbers for the international destinations for Education. The medicine and management are on the higher end of the spectrum when compared to other courses. 

Living Cost in Latvia for Student

Not only the tuition fees, Latvia has one of the most affordable lifestyles in Europe, also. There is no compromise on the standards of living however, as the country is keeping up with the times at the same time conserving its nature and heritage. Latvia is known for its natural landscape, but there is a happening nightlife, too. Here is a general breakdown for some of the day to day expenses in Latvia, for the top student cities:

Cost of Living in Riga per Month:

Riga is the capital and biggest city of Latvia. Obviously, it is the most populated, too. Riga is home to Riga Technical UniversityUniversity of Latvia and Riga Stradins University.

AccommodationDorms/Student hostel€70 – €20
Shared Apartment€100 – €200
Apartment without Sharing€250 – €350
Food€150 – €250 (€4 – €7 per meal)
Transportation€16 for students (trams or buses)
Social€100 approximately depending on the students

Cost of Living in Liepaja per Month:

Known for the Long Beach on the Baltic Sea, Liepaja is one of the bigger cities of Latvia. It is home to University of Liepaja, offering highly accredited technical courses in fields like computer science and Information Technology.

AccommodationDorms/Student hostel€40 – €110 
Shared Apartment€50 – €150
Apartment without Sharing€150 – €300
Food€130 (€3 – €5 per meal)
Transportation€20 for students (trams or buses)
Social€50 approximately depending on the students

Cost of Living in Ventspils per Month:

Another city on the west coast of Latvia, Ventspils is home to Ventspils University College, known for scientific research.

AccommodationDorms/Student hostel€47 – €69 
Shared Apartment€85 – €100
Apartment without Sharing€100 – €220
Food€120 – €230 (€2.5 – €9 per meal)
Transportation€16.5 – €26.5 for students (trams or buses)
Social€50 – €70 approximately depending on the students

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The numbers are just to give students an idea about what to expect while studying and staying in Latvia. The expenses can change depending on the location and lifestyle of the students, not to mention the courses chosen. Study abroad scholarships in Latvia are the best ways to fund your education and living in Latvia, which will help you further in this affordable country.

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