Best Countries to Study Nursing Abroad

1. Australia

  • Reasons: Internationally Recognized Universities, Comprehensive Curriculum

The world’s sixth-largest country, Australia, is known for producing high-quality graduates, including nurses. This country in Oceania is a popular destination for international students taking college programs. Many students take nursing programs because Australian universities are internationally recognized and give an intensive learning experience to future nurses. Australia is one of the best countries to study nursing because it aims to produce globally competent nursing graduates in the healthcare field.

Since nurses are highly demanded in Australia, a lot of universities offer degrees in nursing. For example, the University of Technology Sydney in Ultimo, Australia, is the leading university for nursing in the country and has an excellent global ranking. If you’re looking for postgraduate programs in nursing, The University of Sydney has those.

2. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: Prosperous Economy, Advanced Healthcare System, Many Job Opportunities

Bordered by Belgium and Germany, the Netherlands is famous for its universal healthcare. Their medical services and systems are recognized globally, and with their strong economy, they continue to advance the healthcare sectors of the country. Nursing students get to experience innovative healthcare and educational systems thanks to Netherlands ’ strong economy.

Additionally, after graduation, there are a lot of job opportunities opened for these nursing graduates. Since degrees are recognized internationally, more work benefits are waiting for you. The Hague University of Applied Sciences in Hague, Netherlands, is one of the top-performing universities for nursing in the country. On the other hand, the Utrecht University Nursing Science is known for its different nursing degrees in Dutch and English languages.Search Programs for International Students

3. Norway

  • Reasons: Affordable Tuition Fees, Quality Education, Technologically Advanced

Situated in Europe, Norway is known for its happy people and breathtaking scenery. Aside from that, this country is technologically advanced. A lot of international students enjoy studying college programs because there are a lot of learning and working possibilities.

The healthcare system of Norway has a long history, and it keeps on advancing. With the higher education sector, universities could produce competitive graduates because of their strong foundation and practice in nursing. They also provide education is a lower price, compared to other European countries. The affordable tuition fees and quality education are some of the reasons why Norway is an excellent country to pursue nursing.

The University of Agder is famous for its nursing programs, and it is one of the well-performing institutions in the country. They offer English-taught programs. If you’re looking for a research institution, the University of Oslo is the right school for you, as they give extensive research experience to students and they also have programs in the English language.

4. Russia

  • Reasons: Excellent Teaching / Research, Affordable Tuition Fees

Considered the largest country globally, Russia has a unique location on the globe, both lying in Asia and Europe, making it an excellent option for international students as it shows diversity. Russia continues to provide quality education to various programs, including Nursing.

Russia’s higher education is known for quality education at an affordable price. Universities in the country provide excellent teaching and research in the field of healthcare and medicine. The Lomonosov Moscow State University is considered one of the leading providers of nursing programs in the country, and they have a good academic standing. One more university, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, is known for producing globally competitive graduates and working in different countries.

5. Sweden

  • Reasons: Good Teaching / Research, Excellent Educational Facilities

Nursing is a growing career in Sweden. As the population of the country increases, more and more nurses are needed in hospitals and clinics. If you’re looking for a country that places a high value in the field of health sciences, you can go to Sweden. This country has high-quality healthcare, showing their importance to medical treatment and alike.

If you study nursing in this country, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed and the hospital training they provide. As they aim for excellence, Swedish universities and colleges continue to provide practical learning to students. Also, most of the nursing programs in the bachelor’s degree have three years of study duration.

The Karolinska Institute in Solna, Sweden, is a medical university that provides nursing programs. For years, they continued to lead medical research in the academic field. Another university, the University of Gothenburg, has a huge population, and it is one of the largest countries in the country that offers nursing and other related fields.

6. Hungary

  • Reasons: Budget-Friendly Tuition Fee, Work Opportunities

A part of Central Europe, Hungary is a small country that is one of the best places to study nursing. One main reason you should study in Hungary is their affordable tuition fees and cost of living. Hungary’s educational sector continues to improve as many local and international students consider studying in the country.Find Open Programs for International Students

If you choose to study nursing here, you’ll have a lot of work opportunities in the country and Europe. Hungarian universities prepare their nursing students in different healthcare areas, so they’ll be globally prepared. The University of Pécs is known for its healthcare-related programs, and they have a good reputation internationally.

7. South Korea

  • Reasons: Excellent Universities, English Taught Programs

Located in East Asia, South Korea has universal healthcare and top-performing universities. These two sectors, when combined, create a good place for students wanting to take nursing programs. Over the years, nursing programs in South Korea produced many qualified and certified nurses.

The Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, is a private and considered one of the prestigious universities in the country that has nursing programs. On the other hand, the Seoul National University is the country’s flagship university that offers nursing programs. The good thing in South Korea, nursing programs are primarily taught in English.

I hope this article on the best countries to study nursing was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!

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