Benefits of Open Communication Channels at Work

Open communication channels encourage a two-way communication flow at work and ensure everyone’s ideas, input and innovativeness are given an atmosphere to thrive.

Implementing open communication channels helps employees develop trust and inclusivity in the workplace decision-making process. A lot of organisations are filled with employees who can be even more passionate than they currently are. This can change if the company adopts an open-door and genuinely gives it room to thrive.

The reason you are not passionate about your work can stem from how much emotional and personal connection you are allowed to exert via the communication channels available to you.

Did you know that 6.5% of respondents in a recent survey stated that feedback is the most important value an organisation can have? Meanwhile, another 97% voted that getting personal feedback from their employer makes them productive. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of open communication channels at work.

Encourages Innovationopen communication channels
Open communication channels encourage innovation by ensuring that people are not afraid to communicate their ideas, opinions or strategy even when they differ from the way things are currently done within the workplace.

Many workplaces are filled with a culture of fear and what usually happens is that employees do not want to lose their jobs. Such employees are also afraid of having their ideas openly shut down. Such fears drive them to stay quiet and keep their ideas to themselves. A culture like this can cost organisations so dearly. To avoid this, develop an open door policy where everyone gets a powerful sense of participation and let them know that their ideas are relevant and allowed to be heard.

Conflict Resolution
Open communication channels would make for a better workplace conflict resolution as well as transparency in the workplace. Issues would be resolved with conflicting individuals or teams knowing that management would hear all sides of the story-without any fair preferential treatment.

Improves Productivityopen communication channels
As a two-way street, open communication would ensure both managers and non-managers can communicate effectively on tasks and projects at work. This ensures fewer mistakes are made on them. It also refocuses the mind and ability of the employee to take calculated risks that would foster a high level of productivity in the workplace.

Final Thoughts on Open Communication Channels
Building people and investing in them is key to having many high flyers in the workplace, which transcends positive results for the employee and the employer. Encourage open communication channels – It helps to build the confidence of employees and would ensure you have a more innovative, productive workforce to attain your set goals.

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