Alleged rapist turns up to court in pyjamas to fight extradition to US

An alleged FBI fugitive accused of rape and faking his own death has told a court there is ‘mass hysteria’ around his case.

According to Metro UK, the US prosecutors want Scotland’s courts to extradite the man they say is Nicholas Rossi, who is wanted for the alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman in Utah, as well as attacks in more states.

He is also alleged to have faked his own death in 2020 and fled to Glasgow to escape charges including fraud and sexual battery.

His extradition proceedings at Edinburgh Sheriff Court saw the man turn up in red pyjamas and a velvet robe today, as he made a peace sign to photographers.

His wife, Miranda Knight, was also seen arriving at court.

Asked by a reporter if ‘the game was up’, the defendant bizarrely quoted Sherlock Holmes, saying: ‘The game has just started. The game is afoot.’

He insists his name Arthur Knight and that he is a victim of mistaken identity, even though US police say fingerprints taken from him were confirmed to be those of Rossi.

Last week, he was also charged with threatening two hospital medics at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) in Glasgow.

Addressing the court today, he sought to submit his own motion to the court in a bid to restrict press reporting, claiming his case had ‘turned into a media circus’.

He said the media had committed contempt of court by ‘continually referring to me as Nicholas Rossi’.

‘I would submit that it is incredibly important that this case be adjudicated so as not to include the public humiliation I have faced,’ he told the court.

But Sheriff Alistair Noble said he had not heard ‘anything that would justify making any sort of order’.

The sheriff said the matter would be considered by a judge rather than a jury so there was no risk of prejudice to the case.

The man alleged to be Rossi was apprehended in Glasgow earlier this year after being admitted to hospital with Covid.

Last month, the court was told he was using ‘every means possible’ to delay the extradition proceedings.

The hearing was adjourned to Thursday.

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