There’s no shortage of Sales vacant roles in the job market! The opportunities are there for your taking, and all you have to do is ensure you get the most crucial first step right- securing a job interview. One of the most strategic ways to land an interview is to tailor your CV in a way that helps you make the list when employers as the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to shortlist CVS based on specific keywords. Recruiters typically get a myriad of job applications per role, so they rely on the ATS to filter for the most suitable candidates using relevant industry-related keywords. In the end, only the CVs that contain these keywords end up on the employer’s radar and are shortlisted for the next stage.

Let’s get to work; here are the top must-have keywords to have on your resume as a Sales professional:

Cold calling: This is an age-long practice of calling individuals to pitch the product and services of a company. It’s an outbound lead generation strategy used in the sales industry to reach potential new prospects, which can be converted to leads, and from leads to paying customers. Don’t forget to add this to your CV.
Lead Generation: If you’re reading this, then you certainly that leads are at the very heart of making sales. Including this in your CV gives recruiters a level of assurance that you are aware of important success factors.
Sales target: Is there a world where Sales exist without targets? We doubt it. It’s important that you creatively add your ability to hit and surpass targets in your CV. The ATS, on behalf of recruiters, will love you for it!
Selling: This is pretty straightforward. Sales is simply a professional term for the art of selling. Hence, do well to maximize every opportunity to use this word.
Excellent communication skills: A career in Sales is a customer-facing role, this is why excellent communications skill is crucial to have. Now is a good time to edit your CV to include these keywords if they are missing.
Customer relationship: Sales executives are expected to be able to manage the most important aspects of customer relationships.
Salespeople must possess a varied set of abilities in order to satisfy clients and consumers while also contributing to the bottom line of a company. This is why your CVs must show recruiters that you have these skills.

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