5 Reasons Employers Should Engage a Recruitment Company When Hiring

It’s no news that the recruitment goal of every employer is to end up with the best talents, and all efforts are always directed towards achieving it. There are several ways they go about getting this done. While some adopt the in-house hiring method, a few of them partner with agents to find job seekers whom they interview and subsequently hire if requirements are met.

While these methods have their benefits, they are not as effective as many modern-day employers now adopt; engaging a recruitment firm. Studies show that an average job opening gets no fewer than 250 applications. Running an in-house recruitment exercise for such a high number of applicants can be tedious, costly and time-consuming, explaining the shift in focus to recruiting companies.

The primary function of recruitment firms is to help businesses, organisations, and employers find the ideal candidates for their openings while also helping job seekers find new roles. They possess specialised knowledge of the job market that enables them to spot talents and link them with businesses that need them.

As an employer looking to build a remarkable workforce or attract premium talents, there are several reasons to consider engaging a recruitment firm. We’ll examine five of them in the following paragraphs.

1.   They Have Unfettered Access to the Best Talents

A recruitment firm is a central point where employers seeking talents and job seekers looking for career opportunities meet and are linked. They act as a connector between the two groups. This singular attribute makes them a go-to avenue for anyone looking to hire the best employees to run their business.

Getting the ideal candidates to fill job openings can be stressful, as it takes lots of effort to find them. However, recruitment companies have access to a large pool of candidates that are searching for work opportunities. By engaging them in your hiring process, you’re more likely to end up with the best out of the pool than others who do not.

2.   You Get to Save Time

It’s no news that time is a precious commodity in the business world. Also, it is common knowledge that hiring the best talents to manage the affairs of a business is no minor task. However, securing the service of a recruitment agency helps you save your business time, as they would be responsible for handling the hiring process from the beginning to the end.

With an industry-standard recruitment solution like Jobberman’s Best Match that matches you with the best candidates for your job opening within ten days, you don’t have to go through the trouble of sifting through applications and scheduling interviews.

With the massive talent pool they possess in their database, a recruitment company will shorten the time you would naturally spend doing it all on your own. They also have IT solutions that will ensure you hire the best talents easier and faster.

3.   They Possess Expert Industry Knowledge

Employers ply their trade in various industries. Due to this, their candidate requirements are usually different and specific. Getting their needs met requires having a detailed understanding of their industries and how things operate, and that is one of the reasons to consult an agency well-versed in such affairs.

Besides having access to a large pool of job-seeking candidates, they’re versed in recruitment legislation and can be consulted on such. They’re industry specialists and can guide hiring managers on the best platforms to source talents and attract them.

A recruitment company like Jobberman possesses extensive knowledge about the job market and its segments, enabling them to spot talents quickly. They also have a wide range of recruitment solutions like Best Match, Pro Recruit, etc., with which they can source the ideal candidates for you, regardless of your industry.

4.   Saves You Money

Have you ever recruited someone for a role, and they turned out to be a bad hire? If yes, you probably know how financially draining it can be for your organisation and how emotionally painful it can be for you, the employer. Studies have shown that bad hires can cost a company a fortune if adequate care is not taken.

From sourcing for a candidate to onboarding, companies spend a lot to have the best. If you don’t want to end up wasting funds hiring the wrong person, you might want to consider engaging a recruitment firm. They know what exactly to look for in candidates and are adept at identifying red flags. Also, they bring a methodological approach to the entire process, ensuring that no detail gets missed.

5.   Boosts Your Brand’s PR

Regardless of the size of your organisation or the amount of brand-promoting resources at your disposal, partnering with a reputable recruitment company gives it the recognition it deserves in the job market. The agency can provide an unbiased insight into the viability of your business, boosting candidates’ confidence in the process.

Aligning your business with an industry leader like Jobberman is a way of advertising your brand to a broad audience without paying a dime.

Final Thought

Building a great workforce around your business can be pretty challenging, as it comes with lots of vetting and exercises. As an employer, partnering with a reputable recruitment company like Jobberman is one of the best decisions you can ever make, as you’re sure of ending up with ideal hires.

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