5 changes we want to see on BBNaija season 7

Another season of Big Brother Naija is underway. It starts today! What are the things we absolutely do not want to see and what are we expecting?

Angel on the Big Brother stage {twitter/thecable}

We want to see Gen Z who are single, free and fun. Married millennials who will come on the show and be saying things like: ‘my child / my wife / my inlaws are watching me’ should just stay away and watch with their family members, abeg.

Also, anyone planning to cheat on their spouse should rent a hotel and not come on BBNaija (although, lowkey, that’d be entertaining to see sha).

Recent Big Brother Naija ships have been a big failure. None has sailed since the time of Bam Bam and Teddy A, Khafi and Gedoni The housemates are always dishonest lovers who are such huge flirts and end up scamming their shippers.

Please, give us hot, stemming, genuine romance, we have been starved and scammed enough.

Rinsed and repeated strategies include

  1. Poverty
  2. Bad bitch
  3. Pity
  4. Cooking

If you’re coming to the house and you want to win, we don’t mind strategies but please come with fresh ones. Don’t feed us with stale doings.

Verbal altercations and disqualifications give life to the show. If you’re a peaceful person, go and join the peace corps.

As for us, we want the kind of ranting Tacha and Bisola were so fond of. Give us drama, tension and intrigue.

In many seasons, some housemates make it their duty to sleep unless they have a task. Saskay and Tolani Baj come to mind.

Please, don’t sleep through the day, engage us, and create your own fun games. We are watching to be entertained!

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