3 reasons why salary range should be included in your job ad

The goal of every recruiter, regardless of their budget, is to attract the best candidates possible. They craft job ads that communicate to job seekers that only applications that meet set criteria will be entertained. 

Many even go as far as setting qualification and experience level standards that only top candidates can meet. The truth is there’s nothing wrong with doing that. After all, good hires are essential for business growth.

When advertising job openings, it’s no news that many modern-day employers often leave out a piece of vital information, one that is perhaps the most significant part of a job ad; the salary range.

Over the years, there have been debates on whether or not to make this part known when advertising vacant roles. It’s an argument that has spanned several years, with a few favouring the idea and several others opposing it.

However, many recruiters have failed to realise that salary range is one of the first few things job seekers look out for in a job ad. It significantly determines how high the number of applications a job ad gets will be. 

They hide under the guise of not weakening their position on the negotiation table, especially when the pay is lesser than what competitors offer for a similar role.

If you’re an employer and you share a view similar to the one above and are hesitant about disclosing salary details in your job ads, read on to see three reasons why you should consider changing your mind and including them.

  1. It Gives Your Company A Competitive Advantage When Attracting Candidates

One of the first things job seekers look out for in a job ad is the monetary compensation and other benefits in the role advertised. They do this even before checking the required qualifications and the job description. A study from a popular professional networking platform, Linkedln, revealed pay as one of the most sought after information in a typical job posting.

Adding information concerning salary range in a job ad gives your organisation a competitive advantage when attracting job seekers. It boosts your chances of gaining access to a candidate pool most suitable for the role you want to fill.

It enables candidates applying for the role to have an idea of what they’re getting into, as many wouldn’t want to waste their time going through a rigorous recruitment exercise only to end up dropping out of the race due to the pay involved. 

2. It Communicates Your Company’s Position On Transparency

In a world where job seekers possess several choices, maintaining a transparent recruitment process from start to finish is essential to attract quality candidates. Disclosing the salary range in your job ads is one way to achieve this, as it shows candidates that your company is committed to promoting fairness.

While it might look like a minor and insignificant gesture, it says a lot about your company’s readiness to build trust and prevent any emotional liability that might arise from withholding such vital information. Consider checking our article on 8 factors to consider before giving a salary range for guidance.

3. Candidates Will Find Out Anyway

One of the most significant reasons employees change jobs is the need for higher pay. As a result, it’s unlikely for candidates to leave their jobs only to get placed on the same salary level as the one they left. 

Whichever company they want to join, they make it a duty to get as much information as they can on their work culture, growth potential, and of course, pay and benefits.

Not including salary range in your job ads would be doing your company a great disservice, as candidates can easily access that information on their own online, which might affect your company’s credibility. 

Instead of allowing that to happen, get ahead of things and control the narratives by disclosing the salary range for the role you want to fill.


While it’s pretty understandable that some companies would be hesitant to disclose a salary range in their job postings for fear of not matching up with larger businesses in that aspect, we cannot overlook the place of transparency.

Besides, providing candidates information concerning the pay attached to a role makes things easier for everybody and prevents time wastage for both parties.

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